Patty pans 4 cinnamon oysters

lulu.., Dec 23, 10:06am
Have a friend wanting to purchase the round bottom patty pans used for cooking cinnamon oysters. Any outlets in or around Nelson please?.Maybe catalogue oders even?

lost-in-oz, Dec 23, 11:21am
Try the second hand shops too.

gardie, Dec 23, 6:16pm
You can still buy these new - hardware shops, farmers, cooking shops - maybe mail order from somewhere like Millys kitchen.

julie55, Dec 23, 10:06pm
I have two sets of tins each with 12 holes. They are the old non stick sort and do look like they haven't had much use. I won't be using them and as I did buy them second hand from a charity shop would be happy to send them on, as is, for a small cost to cover postage. I live in Wellington.

falcon-hell, Dec 23, 10:52pm
i have some real old english ones that may nana gave me,from before the days of non stick pans,and they still work beautifully.

gardie, Dec 23, 10:56pm
If the OP doesn't want them, I'd be interested.Perhaps you could list them - I'll 'favourite seller' list you to keep an eye on the listing.

cookessentials, Dec 23, 11:13pm
Have you checked Trademe?

lulu.., Dec 23, 11:14pm
Thank you so much,the pansneeded are round in base with no seam. If this is what you have my friend is definitly interested.Could you put your number up and she will phone you. I know she will cover costs.

julie55, Dec 23, 11:14pm
OK gardie I have listed them under bakeware on trademe.

julie55, Dec 23, 11:26pm
Lulu - ref my other email. Yes they do have round bases and no seam. Bid for them - I am technically giving them away but need to cover the postage costs to wherever from Wellington. I also have enough cake tins to go into business so if anyone is looking for somehting else they can't find try me as well.

lulu.., Dec 23, 11:33pm
Falcon-hell....Thank you,very interesed in your tins have you a price in mind? .Please put your phone number up and my friend will make contact with you

donnabeth, Dec 24, 1:27am
I have the old fashioned tins which are deep and have an indent about 5mm from the top. All teh modern ones for sale appear to be shallow like the old sponge drop tins.

lulu.., Dec 24, 2:12am
dannabeth Thanks,my friend is interested in getting a number of these tins as she bakes a large amount at a time.Is it possible for you to put your phone mumber on so she can make contact?

lulu.., Dec 24, 7:28am
Donnabeth,She is wanting the old fashiond ones,she dosnt want 'non stick'.

momma1, Dec 27, 9:00pm
its wonderful to see people interested in the old recipes again. i always buy cinnamon cream oyster tins when i see them at school fairs and op shops as my mates love the ones i make and i just give them the recipe and a tin LOL.

julie55, Dec 28, 1:28am
I may have mislead you all when I listed Xmas Eve. They are NOT non stick- they are the old sort - just realised today. Sorry.

momma1, Dec 28, 1:47am
the old tins are the best, they don't stick if you look after them and you can't say that about the new ones all covered with non stick toxic bakeware. sometimes new and 'trouble free' isn't the best way. i'd not have silicon or teflon bake ware in the kitchen EVER!

terraalba, Dec 28, 2:59am
Yes you are right momma1 I still use my grandmother's old round bottom tin. It was called a muffin tin in those days though. It must be ancient but it is made like they don't now that is for sure.

jennifer, Feb 10, 4:05pm
I too am looking for some round bottomed patty tins. Please can anyone help.