What can I do with Chocolate Brownies .

. that fell apart. Have made them several times and they turn out fine, this time they just all fell apart. I have put them in a bowl and am hoping for some ideas on what I could turn them into for a dessert. Going out tonight.

Chef_lucky05, Mar 28, 3:50 pm

Make cake pops by mixing with cream cheese and rolling into balls. Jam on a stick and dip them in melted chocolate.

Chef_luvmykicks, Mar 28, 4:51 pm


Chef_rosiemoodle, Mar 28, 9:19 pm


Chef_redhead96, Mar 28, 9:22 pm

Just add chocolate sauce and cream and strawberries or cherries or black currant jam . black forest something-or-other, voilà!

Chef_bisloy, Mar 30, 10:04 pm

MMMMMMMM Black Forest Trifle!

Chef_punkinthefirst, Nov 15, 6:45 am

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