Hi! Is Chocolate brownies freezable ?

holly-rocks, Feb 14, 4:57am
Hi there. I made a batch of brownies ( with chocolate buttons and walnuts) the other day and i just dont feel like eating them at the mo. Wondering if they are freezable! or out with the rubbish tomorrow. Thanks in advance:

rainrain1, Feb 14, 5:00am
They will be, go for it.Probably OK to eat frozen also :-)

lurtz, Feb 14, 5:02am
:-) Agree

holly-rocks, Feb 14, 5:03am
awesome thanks heaps for that.

hehe for frozen brownieees :)

rainrain1, Feb 14, 5:15am
i know, me too hehee

ayglepaygle, Feb 14, 5:25am
I have frozen brownies successfully - and yes they are yummy frozen as well!

chooky, Feb 14, 6:18am
I make the raspberry choc brownie and thats good in the freezer too. Just had the last from Christmas Day in the weekend. Had unexpected visitors and it worked a treat.

susan, Feb 14, 6:23am
Freeze them then when you want to eat them reheatin the microwave and add a dollop of ice cream on top.yummy!

duckmoon, Feb 14, 7:18am
Yes. Great after freezing

holly-rocks, Feb 14, 9:48pm
Awesome thanks guys for your help : )

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