Peanut Brownies

jodie1986, Mar 20, 6:45am
does anyone have a scrumcious peanut brownie recipe i dont do a lot of baking but have started doing a bit lately, dont have a recipe for these though

jessie981, Mar 20, 7:53am
Peanut Brownies (Edmonds)
1 egg
125gr sugar
1c sugar
1&1/2c flour
1tsp b/powder
2dsps cocoa
1c peanuts
1/2tsp salt
Cream butter & sugar, then add remainder of ingredients. roll into balls, slightly flatten with a fork & bake 15 mins @ 180.

Here is a really easy recipe - Chocolate Crunch
125gr butter
1c coconut
1TBSP cocoa
1c flour
1/2c sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
Melt butter & pour over dry ingredients. Press into a sponge roll tin & bake 20 - 30 mins @ 180. Cut while warm & ice.

jodie1986, Nov 17, 2:57am
going to make them now :) thanks heaps