I need to know how to get the jelly out of the pan and onto the sponge. I did a dummy run and set jelly in the same pan that I would be using for the sponge. And of course it didn't come out. What am I suppose to be using. Got sponge sorted, its just the jelly. I need to make it on Friday.

Chef_heav3, Jul 9, 10:19 pm

Put some warm/hot water into your sink (with the plug in) carefully run a knife around the edge of the pan and hold the tin of jelly in the water until it looks like it would fall out (maybe it will take a few minutes and a few goes) careful not to thaw the jelly. (Usually you make it in a gladwrap lined pan with the edges hanging out of the pan so when set you can lift it out - flip it and peel the wrap off - the gladwrap makes it easy to handle). I've also made before just cream with the mucked up jelly chopped up into the cream and put into the sponge. Hope this helps.

Chef_asue, Mar 27, 12:52 pm

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