Feijoas are dropping off the tree and they are rock hard which is very disappointing. I've tried ripening them but they go all brown and totally useless. Can I stew these large, rock-hard things ? Thanks.

Chef_rosejenny38, Apr 13, 10:25 am

first thing that came to my mind was chutney

Chef_motorbo, Apr 13, 10:28 am

Thanks motorbro. Can I stew them for dessert ?

Chef_rosejenny38, Apr 13, 10:47 am

Feijoa liquor. Made it from a recipe off here last year I think. Basically peel and slice feijoas, fill a large jar about a third full with sprinkles of sugar in between layers, fill jar with cheapest brandy you can buy, fill jar to top, with brandy, top with plastic lid, put away in dark cupboard a few months. Decant liquid, use macerated feijoas for dessert with cream or ice cream but don't drive for a while.
I actually forgot about mine till our feijoas started dropping a few weeks ago, so the feijoas had been mace rating for 12 months, the taste of the liquid is really intense and a lovely clear amber coloured liquor, and very alcoholic fruit which is still quite firm and kept its shape. About to make some more with the smaller fruit.

Chef_katalin2, Apr 13, 12:00 pm

someone may be able to answer that for you, I myself would try it out with a small amount, cant hurt to try

Chef_motorbo, Apr 13, 12:12 pm

Same problem with mine - drought caused I think. I have been boiling them along with the guavas that have also dropped. Then I strain them and put the liquid in an empty 3 litre plastic bottle with 1 tsp citric acid, 1 tsp yeast, 2 tsp sugar then top up with tepid water. I also do this to use up rhubarb. After leaving over night refrigerate the bottle. I use the last bit left in the bottle to start the next batch. If it tastes a bit sour I top up the sugar with a stevia sweetner. Sometimes I also drop dried acai berries in the bottle.

Chef_ahaaaaa, Apr 13, 6:05 pm

Mine were the same, garden centre said was lack of water and the tree was under stress, watered like billyo and gave a good feed of lime, it slowed the shedding of fruit and they are now dropping like normal and fruit is yum, what to do with previous fruit , ours just went into compost, such a waste

Chef_gardner8, Apr 14, 3:58 pm

Gosh, I hope that doesn't happen to my 2!
I've 5 young (year 2) Feijoa bushes & I have only 2 feijoas . maybe next year I will enjoy more ;o)

Chef_samanya, Apr 14, 4:57 pm

Feijoa Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
1/2 cup milk
2 eggs
1 1/4 cup white sugar
1 cup mashed feijoas
1 teaspoon vanilla
75g butter or ½ cup oil
2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
FOR icing.
2 Tablespoons butter
1/4 cup cream cheese
1 cup icing sugar
1/2 teaspoon grated lemon rind.

Place the first 6 ingredients into the bowl of a food processor and process until smooth.
Place mix into a separate bowl and fold in the remaining 5 ingredients.
Bake for 40 minutes at 180c.
Ice with cream cheese icing.
For icing.
Beat butter and cream cheese until creamy.
Mix in icing sugar and lemon rind.
Beat well.

Chef_tinkagirl, Apr 14, 6:42 pm

feijoa crumble. Just use an apple crumble recipe and swap the fruit. Nom nom

Chef_dms01, Apr 14, 7:11 pm

some of mine blew off in wind, but just kept them inside and they ripened up.

Chef_joybells2, Apr 30, 1:37 pm

I have just bottled some with apples, my grandkids love them cooked.The feijoas are huge this year, here in Hastings.

Chef_pickles7, May 1, 5:38 pm

Feijoa & apple sounds a really good combination.
Approx what ratio do you use, pickles?

Chef_samanya, May 1, 6:07 pm

feijoa and pear is nice to, with a pinch of ground ginger. I had three pears and used about 12 smallish feijoas.

Chef_janeny1, May 1, 6:57 pm

I cook the apples then add feijoas until you can taste them. Maybe three parts apple to one part feijoa.

Chef_pickles7, May 1, 7:21 pm

Ours are absolutely huge this year as well, the size of apples. Just lovely!
. About to make some feijoa muffins.

Chef_kiwilion, May 1, 7:39 pm

I made beautiful apple and feijoa jelly to put on toast etc. Just chopped up the fruit, skin and all, cook with water. Strain through muslin then cook strained liquid, cup for cup, sugar and feijoa.

Chef_vomo2, May 1, 7:39 pm

Cheers for that.

Chef_samanya, May 1, 7:48 pm

Just bumping this, in case anyone has something else to add. I too, have massive amounts of very hard feijoas to pick up. And they don't seem to ripen in the fruit bowl, just go brown in places and go off. Interesting about the lack of water causing it.

Chef_happymullen, May 2, 11:19 am

Chef_pickles7, May 2, 11:49 am

Chef_coromandelbliss, May 13, 10:29 am

There are some great recipes on that site, I make the orange and feijoa cake quite often, freezing the feijoas to have later in the year too. I've also made fig and feijoa jam and feijoa relish this year too.

Chef_nauru, May 13, 3:13 pm

Why do you need to peel feijoas

Chef_didorothy, May 13, 9:01 pm

Stew or bottle them.

Chef_poppy500, Aug 6, 2:05 pm

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