Feijoa jam-lots of small feijoas no scales

treewalk, May 12, 9:43pm
Could someone give a recipe using feijoas and not requiring scales?
I was also wondering if I could reduce the sugar content a little because the same weight in sugar sounds like a lot to me? thanks in advance:)

horizons_, May 12, 9:48pm
100's of recipes can be found if you do a google search.

treewalk, May 12, 9:49pm
Thanks for that horizons- because I needed a recipe without scales being used I thought it would be nice to ask here. .

margyr, May 12, 9:50pm
no need even to google search, just on the left of this screen is a search box, headed message board, in the next box it will say recipes, in the next box that says keyword or member type in feijoas and in the date posted box click on the little arrow and then on anytime, then click search. Good luck.

missmalice, May 13, 1:40am
Well 12 feijoas mashed makes a cup if that helps? :)

norma2, Apr 28, 1:13pm
my 100yr old mother in law said- 1cupcooked fruit to 1 cup sugar, I have used this for making jam with fruit I've bottled.