Freezing Feijoas

judah2, May 3, 4:21am
Can you freeze feijoas and how do you do it
Getting 9kgs a day at the moment given heaps away and sick of eating them

kirmag, May 3, 4:33am
I just read in another thread a lady cuts in half, scoops out flesh and free flow freezes to use in baking etc later. So, yes. Someone on here does it.

jag5, May 3, 5:14am
Can also leave them whole and just chuck in a bag and freeze.

I have a cake/loaf recipe where you mix up the wet ingredients including the feijoas and freeze that. then defrost when you want to make a cake etc.

I like to bottle them. yummy through the winter as a dessert

jag5, May 3, 5:14am

10 – 15 Feijoas peeled and sliced
60g butter
1 cup sugar
1cup water or milk

Boil above together for 5 minutes. Mash and cool. (Can freeze for future use)

Add the following and combine gently

2 cups flour
2tspn BP
1 egg

Bake at 180c till cooked through and golden. Double the recipe for a big loaf tin.

rebecca18, May 3, 5:16am
I know my mother simply scoops them out and freezes them just like that.

kirmag, May 3, 5:26am
Thanks for this recipe. Will make it tmrw.

jentee3, May 3, 5:27am
I peel them and free flow freeze them whole. Also scoop the flesh out, and puree them, great for baking.

nauru, May 3, 6:57am
Yes you can, I do it every year, I scoop out the flesh, put into ziplock bags (in manageable portions) and freeze.

kirmag, May 4, 2:41am
In the oven now. Just checked on it, rising and smelling good!

mustu, May 4, 10:06am
One year I scooped them out into glass jars, then froze them in the jars. It worked well and they stayed in good condition for 6 mths. It's helpful to measure 500g lots so for baking/recipes you know how much you have. Another option is scoop, cook gently with some added sugar or stevia, then freeze for desserts, bakig, breakfast etc.

atea07, May 24, 10:29pm
I peel mine then freeze them,have no trouble at all,just add some apple to them when making crumble.

wildflower, Jul 12, 6:44pm
I freeze or stew and preserve, never add any sugar or anything though as they're sweet enough. Frozen they're good to stick in the food processor and make instant, healthy "ice cream".