tatts2, Apr 14, 4:41am
Last chance have a 20l bucket full of yummy feijoas anyone in the area is more than welcome to them.Am in Waiuku.
And yes i have made most things with them in.

lx4000, Apr 14, 7:48pm
freeze them! Peel and freeze in lots ready to use in baking! Wish we were closer!

jessie981, Apr 14, 8:26pm
Hope you don't have the same misfortune buzzy had with her jar offer. Thread was removed. Some people don't like others getting freebies.

ace441, Apr 15, 3:39am
Waves to tatts2 - I'm in Waiuku Tuesday - Would love to pick them up

tatts2, Apr 15, 3:50am
Yea that should be ok.

elliehen, Apr 15, 3:59am
Everybody loves a freebie and likes others to get them too.But TM likes to keep its members in contact through the website just in case anyone is tempted to bypass the fees ;)

I set up 50 cent auctions for freebies.

korbo, Apr 15, 4:25am
What method do you use to freeze them. thanks

lx4000, Apr 15, 8:30am
I peel them then freeze in bags as the amount needed in the recipe.

sunshine78, Apr 15, 9:42am
I scoop out all the pulp then freeze in bags

lindar, Apr 15, 8:10pm
I put bags out behind the hedge with a sign saying Frejoas. I think I am hilarious but I won't give up my day job!