Your Fav cooking aid/utensil/thingy?

Had a Domestic Goddess day yesterday; now have a freezer stuffed with meals however as I was washing up I was thinking about how wonderful my Le Creuset is. Cooks beautifully and washes up like a dream. I really enjoy a few of my kitchen things however none will survive long enough (I am picking) to pass on to my step daughter, whereas the Le Creuset will last far longer than me.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 8, 6:34 pm

Glad to hear its so good. I keep wondering if I should invest in some. is the saute pan good ? I do so few casseroles that a cheapie does for me. but a saute pan is always useful.

Chef_karlymouse, Jun 8, 10:30 pm

I only have the large casserole and some ramekins. Use the casserole a heap. Love that it is stove top to oven and oh so heavy. They are terribly expensive however are so much more than a casserole because of their weight and the fact you can use them on an element - they are a brilliant slow cooker and any food residue washes off so easily. I luffs it.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 8, 10:39 pm

Oh my so many to choose from.
I think the one I am most impressed with is the Kenwood multi pro, as I have used it far more than I thought I would.
I have a Kenwood processor that is about 12yr old, but the plastic is disinegrating, on the base and the added bowls, which is fustrating when you hear how much longer the older models lasted!

Chef_ruby19, Jun 8, 11:27 pm

My favourite kitchen Item I use is a little metal long handled pourer type thing. It is great for melting a bit of butter or boiling up a bit of milk on the stove. It was my Great Aunts. So simple yet so effective. It is probably over a 100 years old she passed away when she was in her 90s and that was nearly 20 years ago. Goes to show you some things from the past can be still best used today.

Chef_kiwisportsgirl, Jun 9, 12:07 am

Love it.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 9, 5:33 pm

would love to see a pic :)

Chef_unknowndisorder, Jun 9, 6:12 pm

i had to ask this question.
hubby applied for a job overseas.
if we went, we would have left the country with eight suitcases - and use the relocation grant to buy new when we arrived (cost of shipping was greater than cost of buying).

One thing - which although heavy - would have been in my suitcase was my 28inch le crueset.

I purchased it when I was 40-somehting, and which I had purchased it 15 years earlier

Chef_duckmoon, Jun 9, 6:18 pm

My Cruisinart Food processor, love it sooo much. Finely chopped 500gm brussell sprouts on Saturday night into perfect slices in about only a few seconds. I'm using it for everything. My old one was absolute c**p in comparison!

Chef_wildflower, Jun 9, 7:11 pm

I have an electric wok that came from god knows where. Love it to bits, makes dinners so quick.
Tools wise not totally sure, love my scoop slotted spoons I got when living in aus. just a basic thing but means I can use them from poached eggs out of water to serving up food without to much sauce

Chef_southerngurl, Jun 9, 8:05 pm

I have been dithering about buying a food processor for ages - years lol. I want one that is simple, and doesn't come with every attachment known to man. One that I can make pastry and cakes in easily as well.

Ruby mentioned a kenwood processor above, and I looked those up, seem pretty good.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 9, 8:06 pm

My last one was a Kenwood and it was absolutely useless! They are not as good as they once were. It had the processor bowl and a blender which rusted up in no time even though I always left it out to dry thoroughly.

I now have a KitchenAid blender and the Cruisinart food processor which has 3 nesting bowls, 3 different blades incl a dough one and 2 disc blades for shredding or slicing. And yep I've been using everything. Love the small bowl as the Kenwood just flung small amounts out to the outside of the bowl and out of reach of the blade!

Chef_wildflower, Jun 9, 7:01 am

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