Where is the Beef for Casseroles now its winter

Have been told that all our casserole type of beef is being sold overseas for using as mince by fast food chains for making their hamburgers.
Has anyone else heard anything about this? The only beef I can find in the supermarkets is sirloin, prime beef etc. at horrendous prices. No use to me at that price for casseroles.

Chef_9tuscany, May 22, 9:43 pm

Go to your local butcher and ask for blade,chuck.or stewing steak for casseroles,

Chef_fifie, May 22, 10:02 pm

Chef_sarahb5, May 22, 10:04 pm

There is plenty in Pak N Save, I buy it for the dog quite often.

Chef_strebor1, May 22, 10:23 pm

NW in Dunedin have had plenty recently. Chuck is my favourite and the more marbled, the better it is. Just love that strip of gelatinous through the middle of it - very yummy indeed.

Chef_biddy6, May 22, 10:39 pm

Shin meat makes a lovely casserole. I found some I had frozen a couple of months ago. I'll cook it in the weekend.

Chef_calista, May 22, 10:40 pm

Loads of casserole meats at all our local supermarkets, and Mad Butcher.

Chef_kaddiew, May 22, 10:55 pm

Just bought some yesterday - heaps of choice at my local butcher (I usually get shin bones and chuck, also got some kidneys to throw in). Sounds like it's just the supermarket you went to. Try another or a butcher.

Chef_hd07, May 23, 4:48 am

Hillcrest New World had some blade steak yesterday. Cross cut blade is great but just blade is good for casseroles too. Any prime cut is no good for casseroles, it will end up dry and tough.

Chef_jaygee1962, May 23, 8:06 am

Gravy beef. Lots of sinews to go all gelatinous

Chef_illusion_, May 23, 12:01 pm

Definitely gravy beef or shin. Beef cheeks are great too but can be hard to get.

Chef_kay141, May 23, 12:04 pm

There is plenty in the supermarkets and stop listening to stories as only fools would mince it up and sell it to the fast food shops at a loss

Chef_mouse265, May 23, 12:18 pm

This article seems to suggest that it may not be a simple rumour doing the rounds -


Funny thing was I've been wondering the same thing for the last couple of weeks and was thinking a visit to a local butcher for a stock up on cheaper beef cuts might be in order since I haven't seen it for sale where I shop. Good to see from other posters that there still appears to be quite a bit around in most areas.

Chef_sampa, May 23, 12:52 pm

Same thing. One has a bone. Throwing thw bone (with marrow) into the casserole is yummy too.

And yes. I agree with you on the cheeks thing. Over-rated I feel. Nice, and the "in thing", but why bother?

Chef_illusion_, May 23, 3:22 pm

At my butchers, I can buy shin beef with or without a bone. I usually buy without for casseroles and with for soup. i can also buy gravy beef which has a less tendons/ sinews in it. Maybe my butcher is naming them wrong but if he is, so are all those in this region.

I have found cheeks to be economical as because they are very rich so you serve less.

Chef_kay141, May 23, 3:27 pm

Mad Butcher here has beef cheeks for under $10 per kilo, gravy beef, stewing beef, shin on or off bone, brisket, all great stuff for stew or soup. The same with Pak'n'Save.
Certainly lots around if you look.

Chef_fishplants, May 23, 5:22 pm

Oh yeah, I forgot about gravy beef. All makes for great casserole.

Chef_jaygee1962, May 23, 8:23 pm

Well I would have thought the same before I cooked up a batch. It is really tasty, we thought so and the cats agreed, they liked it raw or in left over casserole, in fact they growled in possession of it.

Chef_jhan, May 24, 12:05 am

I never buy meat at the supermarket. Seriously expensive.
I go to various butchers - whichever is cheapest at the time. Halal meats, Mr Meats, Aussie Butcher etc.
I buy in bulk and freeze.

Chef_lythande1, May 24, 7:41 am

It's mainly the culled animals that get made into hamburgers, not the export quality beef

Chef_rainrain1, May 24, 9:13 am

Oh it's certainly tasty, dont get me wrong. I just find the good old gravy beef nicer. just a personal thing.

Chef_illusion_, May 24, 10:57 pm

I would NEVER buy HALAL beef - do you realize that it is not stunned but killed alive with a cut to its throat and let to bleed to death (threashing around as it does so) - so the heart pumps out the blood out of the muscles - so the meat keeps in hot countries like the Middle East where this was "invented"?

The cheapest beef is found at the MAD Butcher and it is gravy beef or beef cheeks which are both under $10 a kilo - and so is mince every other week - from 7 to 8 $ a kilo.

However if you want NZ beef or pork (currently the pork comes from the US!) you will have to look at the labels - if it is only "cheap" that you are after - go for it.

Chef_fishplants, May 27, 3:02 pm

Not sure where you are getting your information but according to NZ law, all animals slaughtered in a licensed slaughterhouse must be stunned first.

In New Zealand, all commercial slaughter of livestock, including religious slaughter, must be undertaken in a humane manner in accordance with New Zealand’s animal welfare laws. These laws require animals to be ‘stunned’ immediately prior to slaughter. Stunning ensures an immediate loss of consciousness to prevent animals from feeling any pain during the slaughter process.

Chef_kay141, Jul 5, 1:18 pm

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