Cooking with Lichen

Rick Stein on his Indian series discussed Kal Pasi / Black Stone Flower / Parmotrema perlatum which is a type of lichen used in some Indian cooking. Does anyone here have experience of cooking with lichen. Do you collect any for cooking.

Chef_olwen, Jun 11, 3:41 pm

It's used for dyeing wool etc, I wonder if it's used for it's colour. in cooking I mean, because I can't imagine it has any taste unless it's a mushroom type flavour

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 11, 4:59 pm

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 11, 5:05 pm

Rick Stein said a cinnamon flavour. Some of my reading says it has to be roasted to release the aroma and taste.

Chef_olwen, Jun 11, 5:25 pm

A fashion food moment in time? Just use cinnamon

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 11, 6:51 pm

Apparently like cinnamon but better.

Chef_olwen, Jun 4, 2:52 pm

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