Fresh Rosemary where to buy in Christchurch

Help pleases my husband is cooking a lamb meal & asked me if he can buy this in a supermarket ? I really don't feel like driving around them all looking today .Thank you

Chef_lyndad59, May 24, 12:34 pm

a garden centre

Chef_rainrain1, May 24, 12:51 pm

Good idea rainrain - then OP can pop the rest in a pot or the garden and fresh rosemary on tap for ever more!

Chef_awoftam, May 24, 12:53 pm

Also the warehouse might have some in their garden area, it will be with the herbs

Chef_rainrain1, May 24, 12:56 pm

Thank you for the help !

Chef_lyndad59, May 24, 1:14 pm

Here in Auckland the council plant lots of rosemary in Gardens of parks never takes long to find it. Also our Local PaknSav has it growing in its carpark gardens. Look around Urban foraging is the way ;)

When you find some take a cutting and plant it in the garden at home it will do well in a pot on the patio if you are an apartment dweller.

Chef_beaker59, May 24, 1:57 pm

yes it's everywhere

Chef_rainrain1, May 24, 2:52 pm

I have heard that if you have it growing, at pruning time, trim up some stalks for later use in kebabs on the bbq. My rosemary has got right out of hand so will be getting a hard chop in the near future and I will do a few skewers for later use

Chef_hilt_dwane, May 24, 3:41 pm

I phoned the local garden centre & we went there after lunch & got a pot of Rosemary for $4.50 ! SO pleased & we will plant it in the garden after the weekend ,as they are talking snow ! Thanks for all your help

Chef_lyndad59, May 24, 4:16 pm

It sure is, when mum died we all camped out in her unit at the retirement village during the time up to her funeral I remember doing a massive lamb roast and walking the village picking rosemary thyme and bay to bed the roast on. Got difficult as everyone wanted to talk about Mum and drink tea etc. My sister had volunteered to go to the shop but I said the residents would be insulted if we bought rosemary while staying there I was right all the Nanna's had rosemary bushes in their little gardens.

Chef_beaker59, May 25, 5:12 pm

Can buy fresh in most supermarkets but look at what's in your neighbourhood - lots of places have Rosemary hanging over walls, etc. our local school and rest home do and if I don't have much in the garden I just grab a handful from there.

Chef_sarahb5, May 25, 7:33 pm

Plant in rough ground and neglect it - they are very hardy plants which grow wild in Greece on rough ground without much water

Chef_sarahb5, May 25, 7:35 pm

Good on you.
I'd also snick a few cuttings on your neighbourhood travels, poke them in the ground & wait a few months & bingo . new plants & btw snow doesn't bother Rosemary plants one bit. mine thrive through -5+ & snow. .

Chef_samanya, May 25, 7:49 pm

Look behind the Kentucky Fried Chicken car parks lol

Chef_rainrain1, May 26, 6:21 pm

Hey good idea. I got caught snicking a cutting of French Tarragon (at the time you could only buy the inferior Russian variety) . neglected herb garden in the car park of an upmarket cafe . Sam spotted it, & while trying to get a rooted cutting . guess who walks out the back door, for a cigarette . the chef!
Got caught rrrse up in the act!
I fessed up & he gave me his blessing . phew!I
in fact he admitted that he needed to look after the garden more & use more stuff from it.
KFC wouldn't give a rat's patootie.

Chef_samanya, May 26, 6:36 pm

I've neglected mine hoping it will slow down it's growth, no such luck. It has gone mad since it's last haircut.

Chef_nauru, May 26, 8:33 pm

I planted 3 small prostrate Rosemary plants a couple of years ago - I wish there was a market for it because other than weeds Rosemary and parsley are about the only things I can grow - I don't do anything with it other than just cut it and use it

Chef_sarahb5, May 26, 8:36 pm

Bruise it and put it in some good olive oil,and sit in a cool darkish place for a couple of weeks. Lovely to rub over lamb after a week or so. Add garlic or whatever as you fancy.

Chef_awoftam, May 26, 8:46 pm

I use it often and use the dry "sticks" as kebab skewers

Chef_sarahb5, May 26, 8:53 pm

Some of the New World supermarkets have herb plants potted up in the vege section

Chef_roshu, Jul 8, 7:03 am

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