Agee Jar Lids

Hi i was wondering where i can buy Agee jar lids, and if you can get one piece lids instead of the rig and top lids.

Chef_ritchie-man, Jul 17, 6:23 pm

what are you using the jars for?
You may find a plastic lid to fit them in, Pay Less Plastics suitable for pickles etc

Chef_pickles7, Jul 17, 6:36 pm

Yes, you can, Briscoes have them. I bought some in all sizes there the other week, they were on special, they are usually around $4 a pack. They are much better than the rings, IMO that is.

Chef_nauru, Jul 17, 7:31 pm

REALLY! I didn't know you could have "real" lids - are the reusable?

Chef_kay34, Jul 19, 8:22 pm

I have used mine again without any issues, they seal well.

Chef_nauru, Jul 19, 10:33 pm

are you meaning the screw top or the seal for the jar, you can get both at the supermarkets

Chef_gardner12, Jul 25, 5:16 pm

Lids and seals from Countdown.

Chef_daarhn, Jul 25, 5:30 pm

I think she meant ordinary jar screw lids not the screw rings with the seals. The ordinary lids I've bought at Briscoes.

Chef_nauru, Jul 25, 7:44 pm

For Agee jars as well? I know they sell them for Mason jars but I haven't seen any metal screw top lids (other than plastic and not at Briscoes) for Agee Jars.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 26, 3:31 pm

I bought some metal screw-lids from Spotlight that fit my Agee Special jars.

P.S. They have 'frutta del prato' wriiten on them, so I think they are they same as sold at Briscoes that Nauru mentioned.

Chef_mjhdeal, Jul 26, 4:08 pm

Yes, they are the same and fit my Agee jars.

Chef_nauru, Jul 26, 7:45 pm

Cool. Thanks mjhdeal and nauru. I've seen the frutta del prato lids but didn't know they fitted Agee jars. I have some Specials here so will try them.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 27, 10:02 am

You learn something every day. So will these screw lids seal like a pop top jar. To think for the last 45 years I have been fighting with perfit seals and rings. Will be hunting these new ones out.

Chef_samsnan, Jul 27, 2:29 pm

Yes they will work like the old lids and rings.

However I would not re-use them. I reckon you still have to buy new ones if you do not want to lose your work of bottling fruit etc.

Personally I use all sorts of Agee Jars, Mason Jars etc and I have now 3 sorts of rings to fit most (some are green, some are silver and some are golden). This is to bottle.

If I do ferment in those jars then I use a white plastic lid that I bought about 500 of (years ago from the factory) - I think places like Payless Plastics still sell them. They are ideal for fermenting or pickling because the plastic will not deteriorate with the acid that is forming.

If you want to bottle hot sweet things then make sure you use a fresh lid every time. Otherwise it might not suck on and you have 10 jars that you need to fridge and eat within the next week or two. Not worth it in my eyes for the price of a lid.

Chef_uli, Feb 10, 10:41 pm

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