Vodka soaked peaches - ideas please

In the process of making Peach Schnapps and don't want to throw the peaches once they have strained. Other than adding them to make boozy ice cream I can't think what to do with them. Any ideas here?

Chef_jan2242, Mar 29, 11:36 am

its Saturday night. eat them! to celebrate your lotto winnings

Chef_pussy01, Mar 29, 7:16 pm

I'd eat them too, with icecream ;o)

Chef_samanya, Mar 29, 7:20 pm

Bottle them, bring to boil with sugar, then put into jar. Had a lady buy Black Boy Peaches off us a few weeks back - she adds brandy to hers, bottles as normal. Might be worth a shot, if you dont mind risking a few cups of sugar.

Chef_kay34, Mar 30, 2:23 pm

. or put them into the freezer, as is, or as an adult version of sorbet. They'll keep til you are ready to use them! YUMM!
Maybe you could use them in a slice as a substitute for a jam or fruit filling- as in Louise cake or apple shortcake, or put a layer in to cheesecake base and put cheesecake mix on the top. Mix in with spongecake base and make a boozy peach trifle.

Chef_punkinthefirst, Mar 30, 5:09 pm

how do you make peach schnapps. havent had that to drink for a long time

Chef_korbo, Nov 17, 6:01 am