holdenfanz, Feb 26, 7:51am
I would like to know how to make vodka jelly shots please.

245sam, Feb 26, 8:53am
here you are holdenfanz, this recipe, info' and comments thanks to TM's falliopian... . .

"My husband and I make them in bulk at least 400 jelly cups, (we have big parties and they are an ideal desert! ! ) we made 1000 for our wedding! ! We buy the plastic cups from Toops - about $10 for 200. We also buy the jelly in bulk bags there to. Roughly a 1 litre bottle of vodka will make 100. We also do different flavours like bourbon with coke jelly, gin is nice with a passionfruit flavour! "

1 x 85g packet jelly crystals
250ml each ofwaterandalcohol

jaz8, Sep 11, 10:54am
I warn you, unless you are hardcore do not do half and half, they are way too strong to enjoy. Try 1:3 or something, and wait for the water to cool before adding the vodka.

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