vodka jelly shots

jackdanielqueen, Mar 25, 2:15am
anyone got a good recipe

245sam, Mar 25, 2:36am
jackdanielqueen, try doing a search here on this Trademe MB - use 'vodka jelly' as the Keywords and 'Anytime' as the Date posted option. :-))

coromandelbliss, Mar 27, 1:31am
Try soaking Jet planes, crocs, or similar in Vodka (42 Below, Passionfruit? or Feijoa)Potent but divine

levismummy, Mar 27, 1:55am
jelly, water, vodka, mesure the way you want it, Some people do 50 50, some do water 75% vodka 25%

angel404, Mar 27, 6:24am
i only add enough boiling water to dissolve the jelly, the rest is vodka. really potent tho.

hopelands, Dec 14, 8:07am
These are my fav! I do 2/3's boiling water and 1/3 vodka. Mix jelly with the boiling water, allow to cool before putting in the vodka. Pour into little shot cups. Vodka soaked lollies are also great you don't need to soak them for too long! ENJOY

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