Stick blender for whipping cream?

My Black & Decker hand beater is on its last legs, sounds like something is gone in the motor. I have a Braun stick blender. Would that beat cream? (Or turn it into butter to quickly!)

Chef_coverdrive, Jul 28, 10:52 pm

Use mine all the time for cream. Just watch it as it starts to thicken, keep stick blender moving around in container so its not in the one place all the time

Chef_westigal, Jul 28, 11:11 pm

Thanks for that. And if I were to buy another hand mixer what are the best brands?

Chef_coverdrive, Jul 28, 11:25 pm

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 29, 11:53 am

I beat until nearly there then finish off by hand with a fork. No danger of overwhipping.
But Magic Bullet is best cream beater ever. As the cream thickens its flung to the sides away from the blades. When finished the cream is whipped perfectly. Easy to serve and clean up.

Chef_tessie2, Jul 29, 2:35 pm

rainrain. I have given this classic one as a gift in the past. Funny I didn't include it in my own choices. Thanks. Might get one now!

Chef_coverdrive, Feb 5, 5:49 am

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