Freezing soup

I am making cauliflower soup which has cream and milk in it .can I freeze it with the cream and milk in it or would it be better to add when thawed out .

Chef_heathermay1, Jul 4, 4:46 pm

The milk and especially, the cream are liable to separate when frozen so it would be better added when it is thawed.

Chef_kay141, Jul 4, 4:58 pm

I freeze it and have had no issues. Once thawed, I give it a whizz with my hand blender before reheating it.

Chef_nauru, Jul 4, 7:22 pm

I do the same as nauru. Have never had the milk and cream separate when freezing either. I also reheat very gently.

Chef_awoftam, Apr 12, 10:54 pm

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