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I am fixing up a computer to give to a friend who has never had one before and is just learning about the internet.
I want save a few cooking/recipe sites for her, to give her some ideas of whats out there.
She's an older, semi-retired lady who lives with just her retired husband. I wouldnt think she would be into gourmet cooking, just your average, every day kind of food.
Please can anyone suggest a few sites she might enjoy, to get her started. I know she will eventually find her own favourite sites, but the choice is quite overwhelming if you've never been on the internet before so I want to give her a few good ones to start with.
Thanks :o)

Chef_datoofairy, Feb 15, 8:30 am

Chef_mouse_y, Feb 15, 8:45 am is great and has a forum as well

Chef_maynard9, Feb 15, 9:22 am

Thank you both, I will check those out for her.
I know Google is the best bet for most of us, but when you've never been on the internet and have never used a computer before, Google is very overwhelming and having so much choice, some of which isnt what you want, can be off-putting.
I figure a few good sites she can just click onto might help her gain her confidence and learn her way around :o)

Chef_datoofairy, Feb 15, 9:28 am


best of the lot

Chef_illusion_, Feb 15, 11:20 am

I also recommend this site. Run by Helen Jackson and has some wonderful recipes. The forum is a very friendly and helpful place too.

Chef_herself, Feb 15, 1:18 pm


Chef_kirmag, Feb 15, 1:22 pm

Foodlovers, definitely. I joined there when I first got my computer many years ago. A very friendly site.

Chef_propagator, Feb 15, 3:01 pm

I hear is lovely as well as sharing delicious recipes ;-)

Chef_mooshiesmum, Feb 15, 7:16 pm

Yes, I can verify that justamum :-)

Chef_goodbooks, Feb 16, 7:18 pm

Healthy food guide is really good too.
Lots of cool stuff to be found there

Chef_2spotties, Feb 19, 2:05 pm

Chef_malcovy, Feb 14, 5:45 am

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