Seafood dressing.

cottagerose, Dec 6, 3:21am
Can anyone recommend a nice brand and where to buy it I don't want to make my own and don't want thousand island.
I'm so disappointed eta have stopped making it

wheelz, Dec 6, 3:27am
I know you didn't want to make it. but It's so easy to make . quicker than a trip to the store and much nicer. can post a recipe if you'd like.

cottagerose, Dec 6, 3:28am
Thankyou, that would be nice. As I've never made it before I will give it a go

wheelz, Dec 6, 3:37am
Once I tried this recipe. store bought just is revolting and oily. Lol. you could go a step further and make your own mayonnaise to make this. but. I'm lazy.
I just mix it in the jar I'm going to store it in.
1 c mayonnaise. 4 tbsp tomato sauce. 4 tbsp of sweet pickle. 4 tsp finely diced onion. 1/2 tsp minced garlic. 2 tsp white vinegar. 1/4 tsp salt. 4-6 dashes of Tabasco sauce
Just mix altogether . I like mine with a bit of a kick, so use a few more shakes Tabasco. I used a sweet and sour gherkin relish last time and it was so tasty. Any leftover lasts in the fridge for another time.

cottagerose, Dec 6, 4:00am
Thankyou Wheelz. I will try when I buy some sweet pickle and Tabasco

cccc3, Dec 6, 5:57am
When I worked in a resturant we made ours with 1 cup mayo, 2 tbs tomato sauce, 2tbs cream, 1 tsp worchester sauce and/or squeeze of lemon juice. I hope I have got the ratio right, as I just add it to taste.

korbo, Dec 6, 6:51pm
just love the **Global** pink dressing for seafood.

uli, Dec 6, 9:50pm
I usually use a Tartare sauce - no tomato in that though.

skydancing, Dec 7, 1:20am
I used t make a dressing for shrimp coctails (back int he day) with my mothers boiled salad dressing to which I added tomato sauce, cream, paprika and lemon juice. Was delicious and easy. Just kept adding bits and tasting till i got it right.

motorbo, Dec 7, 3:51am
hmm that recipe with Tabasco not Worcestershire is what i remember

skydancing. omg yes my mum used to make boiled egg dressing, its really nice for salads

aisling8, Dec 7, 5:19am
This one - or there is an ETA Seafood Dressing you can get at any supermarket.

cottagerose, Dec 8, 12:02am
Thankyou everyone. I tried Wheelz recipe which was nice. I like the sound of yours cccc but I need to keep for quite a while and I'm not sure if the cream will keep.
Eta seafood dressing has been taken off the market

patsy3, Dec 8, 2:39am
I just use a good quality Mayo with sweet chilli sauce stirred in to taste. Yum.

dogbond, May 4, 2:05am
Best Foods mayo, squirt of tom paste, dash of Worcester Sauce, and some lemon juice.

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