Simple mustard sauce for ham

awoftam, Aug 9, 2:48am
Okay so I found a sauce I wanted to make yesterday, and now I can't find it. Does anyone have a sauce they use for roast ham that isn't laden with sugar?

davidt4, Aug 9, 2:56am
I have in the past made an old fashioned onion sauce, Sauce Soubise, and added Dijon mustard to it to serve with hot ham. I like the version that is thickened with rice.

I'll see if I can find a recipe for you. I think I used a recipe from Elizabeth David, so I'll have a look through her books.

davidt4, Aug 9, 3:06am
Found it! In Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book. Thanks for the reminder - I haven't made this in years and it is really delicious with any grilled meat.

750g onions, chopped
40g butter
150g Arborio rice
750 ml light chicken or veal stock
salt, pepper
60g butter
150 ml double cream
2 tab Dijon mustard (optional)

Put onions in a pan and cover with boiling water. Cook 3 min and drain.
Return to pan and add first measure of butter and rice. Stew gently for a few minutes, stirring. Add stock, salt and pepper, simmer uncovered until rice is very soft and tender. Sieve. Reheat with second measure of butter and cream, add mustard, check seasoning, serve hot.

awoftam, Aug 9, 4:53am
Ohhhh that sounds great thank you so much! Will try it tonight. Cheers.

petal1955, Aug 9, 7:44pm
I use one that is good for ham.its sour cream and wholegrain mustard mixed together adjust the quantity to suit your taste

awoftam, Aug 10, 12:38am
Yes I have used one similar to this from one of Jo Segar's books and its great. I wanted a hot sauce to serve hot tho. Davidt4's was right on the button. Was amazing. The boys ate more ham and sauce that I thought humanly possible lol. Was a great night. Apart from losing the rugby.

anne1955, Jan 5, 5:16pm
I made one the other night for corned beef of the top of my head it as great, just mixed some of the cooking water, so I'd use a stock cube vegie one probably bit of melted marg (they had not butter) just a larger than teaspoon one and ready made mustard a big dollop and thickened with small amount cornflour NO Sugar :) Was lovely Was at a male friends house with not much in cupboard lol done with roast vegies (yuck but nice being cooked for ) One male there put tomato sauce only on his :( Makes me know why I am single lol

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