Any Cooking Competition Series Coming Up?

I thought it would be nice to have a break from cooking comps after Aussie Masterchef finished but now I'm hanging out for a series or two. I thought there was the UK Masterchef playing somewhere but I can't find it in my Sky TV book. I thought I saw an ad for MKR somewhere while fast-forwarding through ads last night but a search this morning has only come up with the NZ version which has only just had applications close.

Chef_jaygee1962, Mar 31, 8:18 am

So sick of it all

Chef_lilyfield, Mar 31, 8:47 am

The MKR advert that I noticed on TV said "coming soon" so perhaps we are to have another Oz series 'coming soon' first, if applications have only just closed for the NZ programme.? Surely someone on here will know?

Chef_esther-anne, Mar 31, 11:44 am


Chef_pickles7, Mar 31, 12:14 pm

That's what I was thinking, and hoping, esther-anne.

Chef_jaygee1962, Mar 31, 2:50 pm

Me too jaygee 1962 - I don't tire of them and if I did I would watch something else or read a book. So very odd to sit there continually getting "sick of it all" lol!

Chef_esther-anne, Mar 31, 7:03 pm

Chef_holly-rocks, Apr 1, 7:46 pm

Me too esther.

thanks holly-rocks.

Chef_jaygee1962, Apr 1, 8:00 pm

Thanks holly xx

Hell - they still haven't completed applications but they are starting 20th April? Contestants are going to be thrown in the deep end aren't they? Bring it on - yeah!

Chef_esther-anne, Apr 1, 10:26 pm

Wouldn't miss it for quids

Chef_rainrain1, Apr 2, 7:40 am

Is it the NZ one or the Aus one that starts on 20 April? It looks like the Aus one but maybe not, I can't tell.

Chef_jaygee1962, Apr 2, 7:49 am


Chef_wheelz, Apr 2, 8:24 pm

oh cool, thanks wheelz. I really enjoy the Aussie one, the NZ one I only watched the few couple of episodes then didn't bother with.

Chef_jaygee1962, Apr 3, 8:18 am

I thought it was the NZ MKR couples starting on April 20

Chef_murfee, Apr 3, 9:29 pm

Junior Masterchef from the UK starts soon I think - personally I'm happy to give them a miss

Chef_sarahb5, Apr 5, 11:49 pm

I've never watched any of the Junior Masterchef comps but do enjoy the other UK Masterchef programmes.

Chef_jaygee1962, Apr 6, 6:39 am

Pretty sure it's the Aussie one - current ads show judges Pete and Manu.

Chef_kaddiew, Apr 6, 4:49 pm

TV3 are advertising for people to register for the Masterchef NZ competition - they're now doing the show - wonder if they'll keep any of the judges TV1 used?
The USA Masterchef programme is on currently - I think on Prime?

Chef_books4nz, Oct 24, 10:46 pm

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