New recipes for fish wanted

We plan to eat fish more often than we do at present and would like a few recipes.

Chef_oliver6, Jul 1, 7:12 pm

I flour fresh fish pieces then place in lasagna dish, I then add some mix veg-thin sliced carrots and little bits of broccoli. I then add the Heinz seriously good pasta bake three cheese sauce over the top and then I place seasoned mashed potatoes over the top and some bread crumbs and bake for 25mins and serve with peas. Very healthy and quick

Chef_sarahh2011, Jul 1, 9:53 pm

Topping for Baked Fish

Grease dish and lay down your fillets
Top with:-
2 cups fresh breadcrumbs
1 cup grated cheese
2 tsp lemon pepper (go easy on this though)
1 small onion very finely chopped
60gr melted butter
Bake 180dC 10 to 15 minutes

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 2, 8:21 am

When we wanted new ideas with fish - had a tonne of snapper to eat (bugger hahah). we went to the Greggs Triple Love page. I think they should make an App out of it. It's good. Choose seafood, cuisine type and it gives you many ideas.

Chef_kirmag, Jul 2, 8:59 am

Raw Fish:
finely dice fish and add 1/2 cup lime or lemon juice to cook
drain if need, add red/spring onion, deseeded tomato, capsicum,gherkins cucumber,capers . any or all, s&p
dress with coconut cream and refrigerate.

Chef_mouse_y, Jul 2, 9:07 am

I make a rich tomato sauce . garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers, olives . whatever takes my fancy. Cook that until nice and thick. Then, when the sauce is how I like it, I simply place the fish on top of the sauce, pop on the lid and cook the fish in the steam from the sauce. Takes about 5 mins for the fish to cook. Then serve. It's delicious. And is even lovely at room temperature if you have leftovers the next day.

Chef_2halls, Jul 2, 9:37 am

I make this and its now the favourite in this house.

We do individual servings which are great as you can put in or not the things each person likes.

Place a piece of foil on the bench with lots of excess around. Put fish i the middle and then sprinkle with crushed garlic and ginger.

Place matchsticks of carrot, courgette, capsicum, sprouts, small pieces of brocolli, cauliflower etc. Just anything you like in a stir fry. (Pineapple is nice as well)

Sprinkle with sesame oil and a squeeze of lemon.

Wrap parcels well and label (vivid works well, so you get the right parcel to the right person).

Bake on an oven tray at 180c for about 35-40 mins.

Be careful when you open (steam) serve with rice or noodles.

Chef_mumstu, Jul 2, 12:19 pm

Do you like sweet and sour? I do sweet and sour fish. The fish is cut into bite size ( or slightly larger) pieces and dipped in flour, egg and breadcrumbs which have had sesame seeds added. I shallow fry and keep them warm while doing them in batches. I make a sweet and sour sauce 9 cant remember the exact ingredients, but it has cornflour, canned pineapple, ginger in it. I serve it either on its own with the sauce or with rice and the sauce. if you would like the recipe for the sauce, just let me know and I can get it from my cookbook tonight.

Chef_cookessentials, Jul 5, 2:21 pm

I love the tomato mix that 2halls mentioned poured over the fish and baked in the oven for about 20 minutes and then top with some grated cheese and grilled for a further 5 minutes.
Or another favourite in our house is fish in tartare butter . to make individual servings, place nice fish fillets (we prefer snapper or lemon fish) on a piece of baking paper about 30cm square then spread with a big dollop of tartare butter - and fold into parcels. Bake in a mod - hot oven (about 190) for 10-15 minutes. To make the tartare butter . mix butter with chopped parsley, dill and chives - add a good teaspoon of chopped capers and a tablespoon of lemon juice (more if you like the citrus taste) and 6 finely chopped nice sweet gerkins - mix although and then spread generously over the fish.

Chef_pony_girl, Jul 5, 3:26 pm

Try he is a seafood Icon in New Zealand otherwise his books are full of seafood recipes from his TV Show. I am trying to get hold of him persoanlly because I want to purchase his latest book The Motorhome Kitchen?

Chef_racecom, Jul 6, 12:19 pm

Kedgeree or smoked fish pie is always a refreshing change.

Chef_cookessentials, Jul 6, 1:38 pm

Also some great ones from NZ Seafood

Chef_cookessentials, Jul 6, 1:39 pm

Place fillets in dish. Spread with Seafood Dip, top with breadcrumbs and grated cheese. Yum

Chef_willsue, Jul 7, 3:00 pm

Annabel Langbein's salmon with pesto and tomatoes is a favourite in this house.

Chef_priscilla2, Jul 7, 4:55 pm

Fish fillets, sprinkle with curry powder, bit of salt. Shallow fry in oil, sprinkle with chopped coriander. Yum with mashed potatoes.

Chef_taurus2005, Jul 8, 11:23 am

Fish fingers, grilled with cheese until crispy. Big pile gooey cheesy crispy of heaven in front of the tv eaten with fingers. finger licking greasy goodness. lol.

Chef_daarhn, Jul 8, 11:51 am

nice ideas to try .

Chef_bev00, Jul 8, 9:39 pm

Chef_unknowndisorder, Jul 8, 9:46 pm

Fresh fish, just pan fried in butter, you can't beat it. Try smoking it yourself in a hooded bbq. It doesn't come out all dried out like shop bought crap. And you can buy the cheaper fish for smoking. If you have a Seamart nearby, they will even gut it and split it for smoking at no extra charge. (it takes them about 30 sec's)

Chef_blueviking, Jul 11, 8:11 am

Some cheaper fish types eg Kahawai mackerel etc work really well in Thai style fish cakes mmmmmmmmmm

Chef_beaker59, Jul 11, 1:47 pm

If you are breadcrumming (sp) put your favourite spices in the bread crumbs before coating the fish.
Personally I like a medium thick fish with crispy batter.

Chef_tigra, Jul 11, 1:52 pm

I dust some flour on fish, chuck some capers in the pan with butter and fish and gently fry. I just have it with salad. Or Alison & Simon Holsts Fish Tikka Masala or Veracruz. YUM<

Chef_ruby2shoes, Jul 11, 3:37 pm

Hi, the colloquial meaning of Kedgeree is a mixture of what ever you have.
But it has become to be known as a way of cooking fish - thank the India based colonial Brits.

Chef_tigra, Jul 11, 3:58 pm

Butter a plate with melted butter. Lay really fresh fish fillets on plate and sprinkle with grated onion. Cover with another plate, put on top of a pot of boiling water and cook til just opaque. In the meantime, make a good white sauce. When fish is cooked, tip the fish liquor into the white sauce and season. Serve with freshly cooked carrots, peas, small onions and mashed potato.
This is only good with really fresh fish, because it is "naked", so to speak - but it is delicious and reasonably light and tastes of fish!

Chef_punkinthefirst, Jul 11, 4:49 pm

In a casserole dish place your fish, then lay sautéed onions over the fish, then pour quarter of a cup of still white wine then a quarter cup of cream over the fish, lastly sprinkle grated cheese over and cover bake for approx 25 mins depending on the type and thickness of your fish,

Chef_nz_nicola, Jul 11, 5:05 pm

I often make a green curry with coconut milk when I find trevally on special.

Serve with rice and a green salad.
Or with cauli and broccoli instead of rice.

You can add other seafood as well of course or use a mix of fish.

Chef_uli, Mar 23, 3:13 pm

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