Making plum jam in the microwave?

I have great success making berry jams in the microwave.
Is it possible to make plum jam this way?

Chef_sue62, Jan 19, 7:59 pm

sue62, I haven't done so personally but I understand that basically any jam or marmalade can be made in the microwave, in smaller quantities of course but you will be aware of that from your berry jam making. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jan 19, 8:34 pm

I would assume that you would need to take the stones out first sue62. Would they perhaps explode in the microwave? Just a thought!

Chef_lynja, Jan 20, 6:53 am

I have had a look on-line at recipes for Microwaved Plum Jam (there are plenty) and all of those that I have looked at say, or indicate, that the stones are removed - most say to chop/cut the plums which would obviously include removing the stones. :-))

Chef_245sam, May 4, 9:03 pm

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