Slow cookers and power use

cheaper or the same to use a slow cooker for soup, or stove top?

Chef_motorbo, May 25, 9:27 am

wonder has any body broke time down to the last cent - I certainly don't worry

Chef_harrislucinda, May 25, 9:46 am

im curious, im new to using them so I don't know much about them, I always thought a mini oven would be cheaper and found out they are not, I was very surprised

Chef_motorbo, May 25, 9:48 am

Have a look at the power consumption on your slow cooker to start with, that will be its maximum, will be in watts

Chef_shall, May 25, 10:12 am

ive no idea shall, it doesn't state the wattage on it and I tried google too, but I did see an American article that says its very cheap to run

Chef_motorbo, May 25, 10:27 am

found a couple of sites that might be useful, bear in mind this isn't NZ data but I think it is comparable and gives an idea of the across the board costs.

Chef_madj, May 25, 11:11 am

thanks madj, I noticed that both sites give differing information and one says small counter top ovens are cheaper to run, whereas I I had read they weren't, seems the information just confuses me more

Chef_motorbo, May 25, 11:40 am

I've switched to using a benchtop oven thinking I'd be saving power instead of cranking up the big old Atlas oven - but there's been no difference to my power bill.

Chef_kaddiew, May 25, 12:04 pm

Depends on your cooker some powerful ones around now. My r/hobs 6litre is 320 wattage so am guessing it is more costly to run than my old ralta crockpot which cooks not as hot and has wattage of 120, or about same as light bulb. Will check out consumer tests later see what I can find.

Chef_fifie, May 25, 12:15 pm

Consumer tests say for power usage crockpot 6c for 8 hour usage, and oven on to cook a roast 36c, couldnt find anything about stove top cooking power usage.
if its a help o/p my s/c often goes all day with soup in it, along side old c/pot sometimes with a meal or dessert, dont see any diff in power bill, if i used the gas to boil the big stockpot of soup it would sure lower the bottle a bit of gas or the oven for a casserole would be more expensive. S/C gets my vote.

Chef_fifie, May 25, 1:19 pm

cheers kaddie, yeah I was going to buy one until I found out they cost the same and at least using the big oven warms my wee house too lol

fife, sorry I don't know what you mean by o/p s/c

Chef_motorbo, May 25, 2:09 pm

Jeeze the day I start worrying about the cost of running a crock pot will probably be the day I give up on life. Seriously it's a matter of cents.

Chef_..pip.., May 25, 2:49 pm

There is a link somewhere that s its about 29 cents for 8 hours

Chef_petal1955, May 25, 3:56 pm

And I discovered the hard way when cleaning my benchtop oven, that leaving a baking soda and water paste on the oven interior walls for too long (it dried out) eats into the metal. And it's only 6 months old, damnit.

Chef_kaddiew, May 25, 4:45 pm

The don't bounce, either. As I found out when I dropped mine when moving it - despite my heroic attempts to save it but flinging myself towards it (I tripped when carrying it) it was all twisted. I miss it.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 12, 7:14 am

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