Convection Oven - Cookers Delight - 1400 Watt, 12

lindylambchops1, Apr 8, 9:32am
Convection Oven - Cookers Delight - 1400 Watt, 12 Litre Multipurpose Cooker Has anyone got one of these? How do you find it? Is it a worthwhile purchase? What have you cooked in one? Is it economical? Your comments would be much appreciated. TIA

juliewn, Apr 8, 12:38pm
Hi. .

I have a convection / microwave. . and rarely use the convection function.

I just did a search in the messageboard search function to the left of the screen - there are some other threads about convection ovens that might be of help:
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Hope this helps. .

lindylambchops1, Apr 9, 9:23am
Thanks Julie for your response. This is like an Ezi Cooker. A glass bowl on a stand cooks in less time than ovens. It self cleans! Bakes, boils, grills, roasts, toasts all in this bowl. Seems to use less electricity too. Buzzy1 has a similar model to this and has been really helpful in giving great advice. TM Recipe Message Boards are awesome!

juliewn, Jan 15, 12:54pm
Hi. . I wondered if it was that kind of convection oven. . they're advertised on TV in the early hours of the morning at times and look interesting to use. . great that it self-cleans. . :-)

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