Who was looking for easy quick gravy?

I remember a thread a while ago, someone wanted a quick instant gravy.
Today I saw a new product in Countdown, tubes of Colman's gravy in 3 flavours, mix a bit with boiling water, quick stir and it's done
Cost $4.99

Chef_karrie3, Jul 26, 8:57 pm

So a stock cube and a bit of flour is too difficult?

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 26, 9:41 pm

The bits stuck at bottom of frying pan or baking dish and some vege water is too difficult?

Chef_lythande1, Jul 27, 8:03 am

How rude.

OP simply offered a suggestion to a query which somebody had.

Chef_tex-tickle, Jul 27, 8:17 am

Not rude at all - just think that $4.99 is a lot of money to pay for something that couldn't really be much easier to make unless you actually buy a pouch of ready made gravy which has none of the taste and flavour from the meat you're serving it with by way of the actual meat juices, etc.

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 27, 9:40 am

Who are you trying to kid? It was rude

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 27, 9:50 am

I must watch out for that product, thanks for that

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 27, 9:51 am

My apologies OP if you found my flippant and possibly a little facetious comment to be rude - this was not my intention. 💐

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 27, 10:34 am


Chef_oruff, Jul 27, 12:48 pm

It was my close friend looking for a quick gravy for her terminally ill husbands meals to make them more interesting, I hope she doesn't read your smart remarks !

Chef_standard, Jul 27, 2:33 pm

For which I have apologised

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 27, 2:39 pm

I buy Homebrand pacet gravy. Itsceasy and excellent. I sometimes add eithervred wine and / or mixed herbs. But I will try the tube next time just for interest. It will be a while as the Homebrand packet lasts ages.

Chef_vomo2, Jul 27, 2:45 pm

Thanks OP. Sometimes you just want a little gravy, and you don't have a roasting pan of caramelised bits, and some vege water on hand.

Chef_kaddiew, Jul 27, 5:11 pm

*snickers* - could have been me.
So what is the non-rude approach to "easy quick gravy"?
I realize we do not even talk flavour or healthy here.

Chef_uli, Jul 27, 5:58 pm

I've never been able to master a gravy. I don't use flour at all now, so I suppose that option isn't open to me.

Chef_vmax2, Jul 27, 6:03 pm

Thank you it was me wanting the "instant gravy" You may also remember that the thread became a "bun fight" & a long standing poster was banded from TMe.

Chef_niffer13, Jul 27, 6:42 pm

Good onya sarah, for apologising. A lot can't for some reason.
I remember the last thread very well & it was all my fault, (sort of) because I posted a recipe I hadn't tried (& said so) It all turned to shi*e rather quickly when my personal stalker made an appearance in recipes for the first time ever & gave a lecture on REAL gravy . as if we all didn't already know!
& because he was such an objectionable type, lots of people jumped in & called him out & guess what, they were banned along with the sheeprussy one.
Quite sad really, when all of us were trying to give the OP some suggestions . such is life, unfortunately.

Chef_samanya, Jul 27, 6:44 pm

There were a few banned along with one of the most valuable posters, elliehen.

Chef_samanya, Jul 27, 6:45 pm

vmax2 - of course you can - just use non-grain stuff to thicken whatever is left over at the bottom of the roasting dish!

After roasting whatever meat - take it out, keep warm and add some water, stock, bone broth even :) or maybe even red wine!

Use it to loosen what ever has stuck to the pan and then thicken it with whatever works for you.

You could use carrageen (seaweed) or any other non-grain based thickener like xanthan gum or whatever else the other thingybit is called. I am sure someone will call in and fill you (and me) in on that.

If everything else fails you can use lots of veges which you roast with the roast (like leeks, carrots, celeriac etc) and put them through a mouli. They will thicken your gravy without anything else to add.

All the best for the best roasts!

Chef_uli, Jul 27, 7:28 pm

I like the tip regarding using the veges ,Uli. If I'm roasting lamb I put it on a bed of red onions and rosemary and that makes for a tasty gravy, although I realise that this doesn't address OP's question.

Chef_eastie3, Jul 27, 7:51 pm

A friend of mine always puts chopped carrot, celery, onion and a few garlic cloves on the base of her roasting dish then places the roast of whatever meat she is cooking on top. At the end of cooking, she removes the meat to rest, drains off any surplus fat, adds a little stock to the veges and then hand blends it all to make a great flavourful gravy.

Chef_nauru, Jul 27, 7:51 pm

Yea I miss elliehen, me and her started off badly, but I grew to really like her, dunno if she felt the same about me, ha ha. but I have a wee feeling she kind of did. She recommended me a book once about shearing in Oz, and it so happened my son had worked with some of the people mentioned in the book. Bring her back TradeMe, wish you would.

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 27, 8:14 pm

If it's so quick to make using roast juices and a bit of flour then why do people resort to packet stuff?

Success sort of. I had a roast of beef in oven when I made the last comment. I made a gravy using some gluten free flour (not that I wanted to as I don't generally use flour of any sort). It wasn't perfect but better than other attempts in the past. Family approved (well mostly). Thanks.

Chef_vmax2, Jul 27, 8:58 pm

I started a thread 'bring back elliehen' & it was swiped PDQ
I'm sure that she did like you, she is that kind of person.
She could see the poseurs for what they are & could sort out them from the genuine people.

Chef_samanya, Jul 27, 9:38 pm

I remember the original thread and posted in it. The gravy was wanted to make the food easier to swallow for a terminally ill husband, not to add nutrition. A roast was not always the meat for the meal and so something quick, easy and tasty was required. The thread attracted the usual posters with their ideas of nutrition and deteriorated in it's usual manner.
Surprise, surprise, it is happening again.

Chef_kay141, Jul 28, 8:11 am

This is a year old thread. What are you on about? Any sniping occurred last year. Why do you chose to make these thinly disguised personal remarks all the time? The thread is about quick gravy not about other posters.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 28, 9:47 am

So if you always had on hand bone broth (in fridge or freezer) then gravy would always be quick and easy.

Chef_vmax2, Jul 28, 9:51 am

I know it is a year old and the sniping at the time was what I commented on, but it seems the sniping never stops. Same old, same old whenever I post.

Chef_kay141, Jul 28, 9:57 am

& me

Chef_samanya, Jul 28, 11:50 am

I do it this way, in a jug, mix 2 oxo cubes 2 tbl flour and a 2 cups of water whisk then pour into your roasting dish and stir till thick, best of both worlds, you can halve it or double it whatever you want

Chef_willy911, Jul 28, 3:49 pm

I'm sorry but this is hilarious! Why on earth would 'someone' resurrect a year old thread of less than charitable comments?

Chef_jia5, Jul 28, 5:25 pm

Been happening a bit lately & like you . I wonder why?
Weird behaviour.

Chef_samanya, Jul 28, 5:52 pm

Who's following who? I don't know what you mean there.
I don't wonder when bev00 does it . she is quite explicit about her reasons . in case you've not noticed, bev00 does it to save valuable threads/recipes, that's appreciated, isn't it.

Chef_samanya, Jul 28, 6:20 pm

Ah - maybe re-read your post 37 above and think what you might have meant by it. Then just let it be.

If one poster here can bump all she likes (and even hezwez commented on it in one the threads I have listed above) and others should not - in YOUR opinion - then something is wrong on this board don't you think?

So give up the snide comments please. There is nothing "weird" about bumping up old threads. Just re-read your posts and think about them before hitting the "post message" button - it helps to avoid unpleasantness here.

Chef_uli, Jul 28, 6:29 pm

hits *ignore* button.

Chef_samanya, Jul 28, 7:34 pm

#37 . cap fit?

Chef_samanya, Jul 28, 7:35 pm

I like reading threads that Bev and others bump, as some of them can be interesting, and a year later, whilst no further discussion has taken place, can get a new discussion happening. even those that have no replies originally that get bumped, some lead to good discussions. (Totally irrelevant for the OP by then, at a guess, but can be fun).

Other threads being bumped at the moment, are obviously ones that someone wanted to reply to, but couldn't, and now can.

I think it a shame that being banned wipes out all messages, but also think it better in some circumstances. it would be good if the recipes and relevant posts were left behind, but way too hard to implement.

As to gravy, can't make it to save myself, but it doesn't matter as DH doesn't like it anyway (phew) lol ;)

Chef_unknowndisorder, Jul 28, 8:00 pm

Some threads are worth bumping to save them such as bev00 does & others that are bumped, simply for ability the to reply (if that's the case). why bother?
. hmmm, can't we all move on after a whole year ,some obviously can't & that 's rather pathetic & sad.
I suppose one should be charitable & feel for them, if that's all they've got to amuse themselves.

Chef_samanya, Jul 28, 8:11 pm

Didn't mean to resurrect that old thread and all the hassles, I just saw the tubes in Countdown and wondered if they'd be suitable
Niffer, I hope you have found something which helps your husband :-)

Chef_karrie3, Jul 29, 8:09 pm

Yes thanks all sorted now. Pleased you remembered & posted the info.

Chef_niffer13, Jul 30, 10:59 am

No worries, most of us were trying to help too & it was thoughtful of you to remember.

Chef_samanya, Jul 30, 11:46 am

I agree. Snappy as well.

Chef_buzzy110, Feb 7, 1:49 pm

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