Slow Cooked Fillet of Beef

Even cheaper now - around $4.50 on TM for a thermometer - never mind the $9.90 for freight though.

I bought one in town last week after checking on here.
Identical thing in a very expensive home ware shop: $3.50 and no freight LOL

Chef_uli, Jul 18, 6:10 pm

Tried this on Wednesday night when had guests. I followed the Maggie Beer recipe from Cook and Chef programme. 1.5kg cooked at 75degrees for 4 hours. The meat was amazingly tender and delicious however I had turned to over off at 3 1/2hrs because it "smelled" cooked. I still felt it was overcooked was not pink in the middle which is what I expected. Does anyone else cook a fillet using this method? I have to cook a fillet again tomorrow for a function and was going to try it again. Meat is too expensive to do too much experimenting with, which is why I am asking. TIA.

Chef_macwood2, Jul 19, 8:17 am

Bumping because I'd be interested in any feedback.

Chef_tex-tickle, Jul 19, 5:17 pm

Gosh I have never heard of cooking a whole fillet in a slow cooker. I wouldn't even consider cooking such a lovely & expensive piece of meat in a slow cooker. But obviously the Chefs know better. I would have just seared all round in a very hot pan then put into the oven for a little while. I can't quite see how you would get it medium rare in a slow cooker.

Chef_tippsey, Jul 19, 5:22 pm

Chef_tippsey, Jul 19, 5:26 pm

tippsey, I don't believe that macwood2 "slow-cooked" the fillet of beef in a slow cooker - IMO she used the oven as in:-

Is the recipe on that link the same as the actual recipe that you used macwood2? :-))

Chef_245sam, Jul 19, 5:35 pm

Sorry my mistake. I think I read it wrong. You didn't use a slow cooker. Yes I see Maggie Beer's Christmas Slow Cooked beef recipe. interesting as it is the only recipe I found done in such a cool oven and not seared first. Myself. I would always go with the majority rules. I still can't see how it is likely to be medium rare if cooked slowly.

Chef_tippsey, Jul 19, 5:38 pm

Think temperature. Though for medium-rare I would be looking more at about 55 degrees. I prefer sous-vide myself. You can do them ahead of time and keep in the fridge still in the bag, then slice and quickly sear on a hot griddle pan when required

Chef_illusion_, Jul 19, 10:36 pm

Am I correct in I thinking that this is more likely to be the recipe you used macwood2?

Chef_245sam, Jul 19, 11:37 pm

Yes 245sam. It is the latter recipe that I used. I am doing the same right now with 2 pieces of beef. I love the end result - it is just that it was not rare enough when I did it on Wednesday. It is interesting that she says in one recipe 4 hours and the other 3-31/2hrs. 3 hours would have been plenty the other day. What I do notice with my oven is that is seems to start at 100 and below that is "keep warm" so I probably had it on 100 and not 75 as Maggie Beer said. I was worried that the oven wouldn't register 75. Does that make sense? Thanks for your advise, by the way.

Chef_macwood2, Jul 20, 1:46 pm

Sounds like you need an oven thermometer. about $10. to check your oven temperature.

Chef_punkinthefirst, Jul 21, 8:25 pm

If you use a sous vide to cook beef rare, temperature is 54 - 55°C. So what ever method you use the internal meat temperature needs to be around 54 - 55°C after letting the meat rest.

Chef_thewomble1, Jul 21, 11:37 pm

How did the second go at it turn out macwood2? Apparently it's supposed to look like this when done -

I note that in a link posted by 245sam above that she later modifies the recipe to a shorter cooking time for a larger fillet of beef which is a little confusing. She also makes specific reference to fan v non fan oven temperature which is interesting and possibly something that should have been clarified in earlier recipes given that it's all about cooking slow and low. Looks yum though, will have to give it a try sometime but will keep your observations in mind when doing so thanks.

Chef_sampa, Feb 23, 9:48 pm

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