Zest Salmon Fish cakes

Saw a recipe in last weeks Zest for seriously good fish cakes. Has anyone got this recipe please, thanks.

Chef_kam04, Jul 19, 12:40 pm

Chef_245sam, Jul 19, 2:03 pm

Thanks 245sam. No sorry not this one. All I can remember was it read ' seriously good fish cakes' made with salmon and I think watercress. Was in last weeks Zest - mrs kam

Chef_kam04, Jul 19, 2:41 pm

Was it this one?


IMO that recipe seems to fit the description you gave, so hope that is it - we no longer get "The Press" so I didn't see Zest to be able to recognise/remember the recipe. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jul 19, 3:00 pm

YES! Thank you very much 245sam. That's it exactly. Guess what's for tea tonight - cheers

Chef_kam04, Jul 19, 3:07 pm

Google is your friend :)

Chef_uli, Jul 19, 5:23 pm

Yes, we did google it but couldn't find it. Anyway thanks again to 245sam

Chef_kam04, Jul 19, 5:35 pm

How did they turn out?

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 20, 3:34 pm

Boooooooootiful. We used rocket instead of watercress. Worth the effort. Had one cold today for lunch, YUM - mr kamo

Chef_kam04, Feb 27, 9:52 pm

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