Two tiered cake - any suggestions

melissa411, Dec 3, 7:10am
as to what type of cakes to use! I'm thinking a quite dense cake! I usually make Hooksies choc cake for birthday cakes, does anyone know if it would be ok! Thanks

sikofstuf, Dec 3, 7:18am
Usually something dense is good for the base. Also, brace it internally with skewers and boards, (depending on the size of course). If you are stuck, try googling Wilton, the cake specialists in USA, they arer great for tips, recipes etc when I started out :-)

freds69, Dec 3, 7:35am
I made a 21st cake for my daughter last week. Bottom layer was a nice dense chocolate mud cake and the top tier was white chocolate mud cake. Was absolutely beautiful!

melissa411, Dec 3, 7:40am
what diameter and height were the two tiers! would you mind sharing your recipes please! Thanks

hooksie60, Dec 3, 8:02am
Hi melissa you should be fine with my recipe as it is a dense cake but my advice would be do a little research on the net how to braceit etc good luck and let us know how you get on with it :-)

melissa411, Dec 3, 8:04am
Thanks hooksie, I'm thinking your cake is perfect for top tier and a rainbow cake for bottom tier.

hooksie60, Dec 3, 8:08am
Check put this rainbow cake I have seen it done recently and look great probably would be ideal. I hope it helps :-)

bexta021, Dec 3, 8:36am
is it ok to use a mud cake for the top and bottom tier, im doing one for my daughters wedding, im very much an amateur!!!

hooksie60, Dec 3, 8:42am
I can't see why not bexta the only reason people us different types it for variety so go for it you have nothing to loose

bexta021, Dec 3, 8:45am
o great thanks for that and ive also been advised to use a board to sit the top tier on but i didn't think i would need skewers , am i on the right track with that hooksie60!

sikofstuf, Dec 3, 9:44am
I would still use skewers. The reason for them is to stop that whole cake either tipping or sinking into the bottom one. It's not hard, just grab some dowling, pop it in the cake, mark, cut, and pop back in. You probably won't need it with a mud cake base, but for an extra ten mins work, and about $2, it's a good idea, after you've sent all that time making it ;-) it does depend on size though, if the top one is say a six inch, I wouldn't bother :-)

chicco2, Dec 3, 5:58pm
The use of dowels is essential. Once lower tier is iced cut 3 or 4 dowels and push them through the lower tier. They should be SLIGHTLY taller than your iced cake.Use a level to insure they are exact. Next tier should be on a boardthe same size as that tier. Once it is iced, carefully drop it on to the lower tier. The dowels support the weight, and the board stops the dowels from piercing the 2nd cake. Good luck.

gilligee, Dec 3, 6:09pm
I made a three tiered mudcake for my daughters wedding and I am an amateur too.

bexta021, Dec 3, 7:01pm
o a bit worried as how this is going to go.As far as making the cake goes im sure it will be fine as i have a great recipe but i have never put two together before.Thanks for all your advise.Is there any particular place where is should get the dowling from! I presume a cake decorating shop will have them or perhaps spotlight!

gilligee, Dec 3, 7:27pm
And I only used skewers for kebabs.
Spotlight do have cake decorating things.
Why don't you do a trial run for your own peace of mind! You could freeze parts of it for general use or over Christmas.

melissa411, Dec 3, 9:12pm
Thanks hooksie, I have a rainbow cake similar looking to that one in the oven now. The one on the link has no butter or oil so would have been healthier than my 600gms of butter one and 10 eggs! Will try that one next time.

bexta021, Dec 4, 6:44am
bump for any other tips

bexta021, Dec 6, 7:09am
bump for any other tips.

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