Apple Pie - best to use raw or stewed apples?

trah, Aug 20, 11:23pm
I'm going to look for some Ballarat today - Boric's on SH16 grow and sell them.I also want to make the pie and freeze it ahead for Saturday.Is this a good idea! Should I freeze it unbaked or baked!Defrost before cooking/reheating!All your tips welcome please for the best apple pie!

cookessentials, Aug 20, 11:30pm
Raw apples apples will stay firmer IMO. I would freeze it baked.

macandrosie, Aug 21, 9:43am
Actually different varieties of apples cook differently. If you're not going to cook them, then thinly slicing might be better than chunks of apples.

trah, Aug 21, 10:33pm
Couldn't get Ballarat yesterday so have got Granny Smiths.Will toss with a bit of cinnamon and custard powder before putting in the pastry case.

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