Apple pie

m.pat, Apr 22, 1:08am
anybody out there got a simple apple pie recipe plz

kirmag, Apr 22, 1:58am
Peel and slice apples. Line a pie dish with short cut pastry (or flakey puff) toss apples through some sugar and a lil cinnamon, put in pastry and add a knob of butter. Put pastry on top and bake until cooked.

Easy - I don't have a proper recipe, that's just how I do it, comes out great and can't get much simpler. well except for flakey puff pastry, tin of apple pie mix, cut flakey puff pastry to fit your toasted sammie maker and use that to cook them (1 sq of pastry on bottom, apple filling, 1 sq of pastry on top, shut toastie maker). Once cooked dust with icing sugar.

clareo, Apr 22, 2:00am
Try with Ballarat Apples - I always stew them first - but they are just so flavoursome!

bisloy, Sep 23, 2:16am
I do the same as kirmag, except I also add a little flour to the cinnamon and (brown) sugar mix. This helps to make the caramel sauce. I also never bother with a dish and just plunk it all in the pastry and fold it over the top, usually leaving a bit in the centre uncovered.
If you want something a little more decadent pour some cream into the pie before you put it in the oven . mmmm

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