Bacon and Egg Pie ** Whats the secret **

irish15, Apr 12, 8:35pm
I have just recently made a bacon and egg pie and I put spring onions in as well + salt and pepper, but to me it didnt have that much of a taste, what am I missing? Is there some ingredients that I can add to give it that wow factor, also I used a glass plate and I found the bottom was as crisp as the top even though I put the pie in when oven was hot, is an enamel plate better? or should I put it closer to bottom element. thankyou

datoofairy, Apr 12, 8:39pm
I put a layer of grated cheese on top of the base before adding the bacon and egg, I find that stops the bottom going soggy.
I'm not sure why it didnt have much taste, thats about all I add to mine and its always yummy. I do add heaps of bacon, maybe you didnt use enough bacon perhaps?

irish15, Apr 12, 8:43pm
Do you break yokes or leave them whole, do you cook bacon first?

speights40, Apr 12, 8:49pm
I add a couple of shakes of tabasco to shake it up flavour wise. I cook the bacon first, add lots of tasty cheese & beat into the eggs.

margyr, Apr 12, 8:55pm
use a tasty bacon, no need to cook it first, break the eggs in but use a knife to sort of break and spread the yoke about, onion, some cheese sprinkled top and bottom of filling and a good amount of salt and pepper, also some parsley if you have it. cook in the centre of the oven, and although I use either a glass or an enamel plate Mum always said to use an enamel one.

xenabuffy, Apr 12, 8:57pm
I cook onion and bacon first, add some slices of tomotoe and cheese, salt an pepper. I also break the egg. There is never any left when it goes on the table and dont have complaints

datoofairy, Apr 12, 9:02pm
I dont pre cook the bacon, and I lightly beat the eggs. I cook mine in a small metal roasting dish.

randomized, Apr 12, 9:16pm
I always cooked the bacon and onion first, (added my seasonings of choice) then with the actual dish -- I'd whisk my eggs up in a seperate bowl, bit of S&P, splash of water and some cheese. Pour, then sprinkle liberally more cheese. -- Perfection.

canguro32, Apr 12, 9:18pm
i put a few dobs of tomato relish in mine, yum.

st_allie, Apr 12, 10:15pm
I use a big pyrex 36cm by 26cm approx. . it takes a big packet of streaky bacon 1 kg and about a dozen and a half of eggs and one finely chopped onion. . just layered haphazardly and a liberal dose of cracked pepper ground over the top. then frozen flaky pastry or a batter poured over for a bit of a change. this cuts well and goes down teenagers at lightning speed.

alternate topping is a kind of batter that comes out somewhere between cake and scone in texture and makes a nice change... if doing this topping mix it together before you do the bacon and eggs.

2 eggs
1/2 cup melted butter
1 cup milk
1 cup sifted flour
1tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

beat eggs, butter and milk, add flour, baking powder and salt. mix til smooth let stand 30 mins. pour over the bacon and eggs. For the size pyrex stated above, I double the batter mix.

basenjibabe, Apr 13, 1:52am
i use a square cake tin. ready rolled pastry sheets. layer bacon on the bottom, crack eggs over the bacon - pierce them with a fork so they run a bit, sprinkle over chopped parsley and salt & pepper Put pastry on top and some grated cheese. yum yum

frier, Apr 13, 12:20pm
I allways add a packet of maggi spring vegetable soup mix to mine, I make a big batch of muffin size ones weekly, and guaranteed they dont last the day, very yummy.

rainrain1, Apr 13, 7:48pm
I use ready rolled pastry, a layer of uncooked bacon pieces, plenty of eggs, 10 or 1doz, sometimes I break them and sometimes I don't. Half cup frozen peas (opt) Salt and pepper (a must) then another layer of bacon pieces and top with the remaining pastry

shop-a-holic, Apr 14, 12:09am
Instead of Bacon, I use the end cuts of champagne ham (approx 500g) which is avail from the supermarket deli for a lot less price. Visually it looks great, tastewise its completely satisfying. Cut into chunks/pieces. Use 6 eggs, and frozen peas. The peas keep the pie moist, and no one can resist it! This is so great, its even better the next day taken on a family picnic.

maandpa2b, Apr 14, 12:19am
I use a pyrex square dish, grease it and put in the pastry. I never pre-cook anything, just chuck in onions, bacon, peas, eggs (use fork to break them), and some Apricot Chutney (anathoths) dotted around. No salt, just a bit of pepper then pastry lid. Milk across the pastry if you can be bothered. Cook at 190 for 40 mins. It's absolutely delish.

red2, Apr 14, 12:35am
I sprinkle over fresh chopped herbs - such as basil , parsley and oregano

homelygirl0011, Apr 14, 12:45am
Try adding sausage meat as well, yum

kitaki, Apr 14, 12:48am
the original Edmonds recipe adds about a dessertspoon of chutney. It is a good balance of flavours with the bacon and egg. Makes a yummy all time favourite with everybody. Tomato chutney or relish works best I find.

abfab12, Apr 14, 2:29am
I beat the eggs, add cream, grated cheese, salt and pepper. Cook the bacon pieces with some onions. Then pour egg mixture into pastry, add bacon and onion. I sometimes put tomato slices on top and sometimes i also add chopped up mushrooms to egg mixture.

libra29, Apr 14, 3:24am
I dont cook the bacon either and don't break the egg yolks, mines also yum

540trickzter, Apr 14, 3:34am
That's pretty much the same as my recipe :)

guest, Mar 2, 11:46pm
I always, always add a dash or two of worcestershire sauce... no idea why, I just do, and it's always excellent. Love the idea of grated cheese on pastry bottom before filling....superb idea. Also, garnish with a tasty tomato, such as an heirloom. I cook the bacon a bit first, to bring out the salt and sugar in the bacon. Cream with milk, if on hand, also makes a richer pie. Never tried the peas, but maybe this time. The dish I use hasn't amounted to a change in the hoot 'n holler, but I won't dispute use of either glass or metal. Something else I have often done, is add a few squirts of regular tomato sauce. Trial and error seems to be the order of the day. We Kiwi's still make the best bacon and egg pie on the planet - not to mention PAVLOVA, of course (which I note has just been verified as a Kiwi invention! Contrary to our Aussie counterparts, who've bagged this delicious dessert for their own for far too many years ! Guinness Book of Records investigated and verified New Zealand as the place of invention. Woohoo !

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