Chocolate truffles using cake leftovers

mrsmuggs, Apr 12, 9:45am
Hi Im looking for a recipe that uses cake crumbs or left overs. I cant find my old one which was great. If you have one that you could share with me I would very very happy.

jmonster, Apr 13, 7:05am
Rum Balls

200 gm dark choc
1/4 cup cream
30 gm butter
50 gm cake crumbs
2 tsps dark rum
Coconut/sprinkles/melted choc for dipping

Put cream and butter into a pot and heat gently until butter melts and mixture is just boiling.
Pour mixture over chocolate and stir until choc is melted and mix is smooth.
Stir in cake crumbs and rum
Pop in fridge for 20 mins, stirring occasionally until mix is firm enough to handle.
Roll into balls ( teaspoon size), and roll in coconut, sprinkles or dip into melted choc.

mrsmuggs, Apr 21, 10:15am
thank you jmonster

lisa7, Apr 22, 12:32am
Have a look at this website. Look at the cake pops and cake balls.
I think all they do is mix cake with frosting with a whole lot of creation!

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