Cooking/Baking almost diasters!

soulwinds, Apr 22, 5:39am
I am having a terrible day today, I am quite a god cook/baker I think (no Masterchef for me, but I can hold my own) well so I thought.made Lousie slice today, db mix.suppose to be three cups of flour, I measured 1 1/2 cup without BP so it came out of the oven flattttt. made a chocolate cake, put it in the wrong tin.Flatttttttt and just now.went to thicken apricot chicken with icing sugar, was only the fact that the liquid went clear that saved me LOL
Whats "oopsadaises have you had!

soulwinds, Apr 22, 5:39am
god = good, well god sometimes LOL

elliehen, Apr 22, 6:07am
When I was very young I put plastic jars into the oven to heat up for jam.Will that do!

audio-solutionz, Apr 22, 8:36am
my substitute cake turned out surprisingly well.
Carrot cake
missing one egg - substituted in 1 T golden syrup.
Missing one tin pineapple and 3/4 cup orange juice - used one tin puréed fruit salad and a cap full of vinegar for acidity.
Missing baking soda - used baking powder twice.
Result - a bit on the moist side, but otherwise pretty darn good tasting. Could have been a disaster but wasn't.

duckmoon, Apr 22, 8:45am
my flatmate made a microwave carrot cake. but forget to add the flour - it was like a carroty-oil-sllick.

and i was making a quad-batch of sherbert for the school fair. the receipe said 1t of something. and I multiplied by four, BUT put in Tablespoons not teaspoons (everything so far had been tablespoons).

My quad-mixture ended up as a twelve-time-mixture.

I am thankful that i had enough bags

cgvl, Apr 22, 10:20am
I had one recently was supposed to be a caramel slice only the base ended up a bit on the cake side so called it a caramel topped choclate cake slice. eats well although a little sticky on top as I don't usually like icing it as gets a bit too sweet.
Most other baking disasters can generally be made into a dessert with a bit of custard or a really dry loaf has been made into crumbs.
I never admit to a disaster and as I come from a large family most baking was hoofed down as soon as it came out of the oven, only by hiding it did any last longer than 3 days.

hezwez, Apr 22, 9:16pm
I pre-heated the oven to 200 degrees forgetting that I was storing a two litre plastic container of runny honey in there.

falcon-hell, Apr 22, 10:17pm
oh no,poor you,did you want to just go and buy a new oven and turf the old one-bet you felt like it.

indy95, Apr 23, 12:23am
How about ginger crunch made with cayenne pepper instead of ground ginger ! Hot doesn't begin to describe it !

korbo, Apr 23, 12:35am
put sausage rolls in oven at daughters, for her birthday morning tea, timer went, i checked they needed a few more minutes, then went out and hung her washing, then started to pick tomatoes, then the smell, got me running back about black, funny tho. we scrapped the blackpastry off and the sausage meat was very tasty.

indy95, Apr 23, 12:35am
I can laugh about it now but didn't at the time.

kinna54, Apr 23, 6:06am
when I was catering.worked alongside a samoan girl.
She was told to load the chickens into the rotisserie.
After a while there was a terrible smell. She had left the plastic bags with the gizzards etc inside the chickens.
(don't seem to pack chickens like that these days, maybe that's why.)

kinna54, Apr 23, 6:09am
Another time she was told to make and put stuffing inside a piece of topside beef.
After a while we noticed a smell like mint sauce.
The poor girl had used dried mint in the stuffing, instead of herbs.
Language barrier was blamed.
Have to say despite these mistakes, she was a great worker tho, and always had a huge smile.

kinna54, Apr 23, 6:13am
I did that once with a pasta bake size. Sprinkled it liberally with what I thought was paprika.It was cayenne.

Then there was the time a co-worker made the muffins.she sprayed all the trays , filled them and cooked the days muffins.
only to discover she had sprayed the muffin pans with a Johnson's multi cleaning spray, rather than a cooking spray.

ace441, Apr 23, 7:30am
I remember when my daughter was about 6 or 7 she put milk into the kettle to boil it - consequently we had to get a new kettle! And the time my sister made chocolate icing - with baking soda instead of icing sugar!

southerngurl, Apr 23, 9:01am
Was making a garlic pasta the same time I was making the Apple crumble one night. Was so hectic that it wasn't till I was putting the crumble n the oven that I realised the garlic salt went into the crumble not the pasta. Had a slight twist seemed ok i spose

sooseque, Apr 23, 9:37am
About 20 years ago, made a bacon and egg pie and forgot to put in the bacon, the Family still remind me about it.

hezwez, Apr 23, 9:47am
It was pretty disgusting.

jenjen76, Apr 23, 7:52pm
My mum was trying to make chocolate butter icing, using cornflour instead of icing sugar. She couldn't understand why it wasn't coming together like normal.We saved it by adding the correct amount of ingredients to turn it into shortbread.It turned out very tasty!

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