Edmonds tomato sauce recipe, which apples to use?

dibble35, Feb 29, 10:29pm
Hi, was going to make this yesterday but didnt have all ingrediants, just going to buy them now, i need 1kg of apples, i'm assuming something a little tart like granny smith or are we talking proper cooking apples here! TIA

rainrain1, Feb 29, 11:38pm
if I were to make some today I would use an eating apple because that is all I have in the cupboard, so that is what it would have to be

sweater, Feb 29, 11:53pm
I made this recipe in the weekend & just used eating apples, I make this every year & that all I have used

dibble35, Mar 1, 12:09am
thanks, ended up buying granny smiths, had 3 already, needed few more - but geez they were $4.95kg, rip off

momma1, Mar 1, 8:33am
id use whatever apples were the cheapest and today at pack and save royal galas were 79c a kg

dibble35, Mar 1, 6:12pm
wish i'd been more organised and got everything together beforeI needed it, but got carried away after the success with the tom relish i made and decided making the sauce same day was a good idea. never mind done now, just wish i'd had a few more bottles

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