purplegoanna, Jun 19, 1:43am
ive got some left over tomatos that wont fit in my relich pot and i thought id make hughs tomato sauce BUT i notice on the bottom of the recipe it says will keep in fridge for 4weeks? is there any reason why it cant be bottled and kept in pantry? uk/lifeandstyle/2007/aug/18/recipes. f

indy95, Jun 19, 2:07am
There is probably only one way to find out, purplegoanna and that is do it and see what happens. You would certainly need to sterilise the container and lid and I think it would still need to be kept in the fridge.

Perhaps you could try dividing it into quantities suitable for your family and freezing it instead.

purplegoanna, Jun 19, 2:11am
cant really justify the waste just to see what happens, im more worried that the reason he hasnt mentioned bottling it is a food poisoning risk but i cant see why as its very similiar to a relish recipe... all my jars & lids get washed in hot soapy water then sterilized in the oven.

theanimal1, Jun 20, 12:39am
the only thing i can see is that the brown sugar and cider vinegar may ferment after 4 weeks?

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