Homemade tomato sauce in plastic bottles

roseann48, Feb 12, 3:24am
has anyone ever used plastic bottles (vinegar etc) to store homemade tomato sauce. Did it keep - how long for.Thanx in advance

samsnan, Feb 12, 3:31am
Yes I have done it quite often. Usually when I run out of wine bottles to put it in. I had no trouble with it keeping and have kept it over a year. No doubt some people will say no you should not do it. Good luck with it.

kaddiew, Feb 12, 3:35am
If you mean a vinegar-based, tomato ketchup type sauce, then yes I've done that many times in the past using plastic bottles. As with poster #2 it kept well for ages with no problems.

pickles7, Feb 12, 4:34am
I have when I ran out of glass bottles. We couldn't use it. The spices must have reacted with the plastic. I do make rather "hot n spicy" sauces.

roseann48, Feb 12, 7:00am
Thankyou for your replies. My recipe is very basic - tomatoes , vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar. Should be ok in plastic hopefully.

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