Mackerel in tomato sauce?! Anyone?

ee1, May 19, 7:09am
I won a box of groceries (yeah! ) that included a 425g can of Mackerel in tomato sauce.

Any ideas what I can do with it for a meal for 2?

lizab, May 19, 7:24am
you could maybe add it to softened onions and make a white or more of a tomato sauce, cook up some pasta, stir it all through and then top with grated cheese and breadcrumbs? ? ? Well done on winning the groceries - wonder what else was in the prize?

ee1, May 19, 7:36am
It was a quick fire raffle from a school fair so the usual bits and pieces people didn't want from their pantry. Box of shortbread biscuits that someone got for Xmas/unusual mint chocolates... . hmmm... . hard to remember... . i know there were some expired things that i threw out straight away - the can of mackerel is one of the last things and not something i usually buy - thanks lisab!

lizab, May 23, 2:18am
that sux when you win a grocery raffle and find expired stuff! ! The organisers should have gotten rid of all that before you won it - doesn't take much effort to check the dates! ! !