Homemade tomato sauce recipe....

biggieg, Feb 15, 2:06am
I got given a box of tomatoes & just wondering how to make this recipe....

pickles7, Feb 15, 3:40am
I made some last night, I just chopped them and put them into a preserving pan, 4 kg, added 4 large onions chopped, 2 Tbsp plain salt, 2 liters of vinegar, 1 kg of brown sugar, 2 good Tbsp of " whole pickling spice". Simmered all that for 1 hour, put it all through a mouli [ fine ] Put it back into the preserving pan [cleaned] simmered it again until it was the right consistency. I stirred it often, after mouli-ing as it will catch. Once a preserving pan has been burnt, it will always burn. The thing with most sauces, is to taste, you can add more spices but they are hard to cover if you over do them. Enjoy.

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