Plain sponge cake receipe to do in roast tin!

ned03, Dec 9, 7:19pm
I have my daghters cake to make and want a good plain sponge recipe that fits in a roast tin - Rectangle any one help please! thanks very much

harrislucinda, Dec 9, 7:43pm
shouldbeabletoputanyrecipeintoaroasttinHowdeepdoyou wanttomakeit !

ned03, Dec 10, 7:20pm
urrm quite deep enough to put jam and icing on top! thanks for any recipes

ned03, Dec 10, 9:13pm
anyone! please

harrislucinda, Dec 10, 10:09pm
you candoubleorput2mixturestogether2eggs1/2cup sugar1/2cupflour1tlbspcornflour1tspbp1tlbspbutter1tlbspboilingwater

ned03, Dec 10, 10:14pm
is the above receipe for 1 mixture!

harrislucinda, Dec 10, 10:49pm

harrislucinda, Dec 11, 4:04am
howdid thisturnoutforyou!

guest, Jan 11, 10:27am
BION I'm imrepssed! Cool post!

guest, Jan 13, 2:09pm
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