Xmas cake glaze idea's pls

johne21, Nov 28, 7:00am
Just got the xmas cake in the oven decorated it with a pretty flower made out of nuts and cherries. I'm wanting to glaze it after it is cooked. Never done it before. If it is glazed now will it keep till xmas! What is a good glaze please. I'm after the shiny look not a glaze that is a preparation for for icing. Many thanks

fifie, Nov 28, 8:55am
I always use this brandy glazeof kiwitrish's on my cakes if i do it this way, but put cherries nuts etc on after cooking so they don't sink into cake. This creates a lovely shine, looks good on my mini cakes all done up in cellophane as gifts.Brandy Glaze.
1 heaped Tablespoon Apricot jam. 2 Tablespoons brandy. Place Jam and brandy in a small saucepan and heat gently together, whisking until thoughly blended. Now using a brush paint some of the mixture over the top of the cake then arrange nuts of glace fruit on top and then brush generously over the whole top of topping. It leaves a wonderful shine and tastes great. Double or triple recipe if needed.If you have cooked your cake with nuts etc on it, brush glaze over it when it is cold.

pamellie, Nov 28, 6:44pm
Do you have to use brandy! I would like to try this also but don't want to buy a bottle of brandy just for it! Also do the nuts stay put once the glaze is on!

kiwitrish, Nov 28, 7:16pm
Just buy a miniture brandy.They are about 4-5 dollars.They nuts will stay on the cake once the glaze has gone cold.If you have any over use it to pour on your xmas pud and light it.

johne21, Nov 28, 8:03pm
Thanks fifie will the glaze keep on the cake till xmas if I put it on now! Cheers

bernice1, Nov 28, 8:12pm
I do exactly as above with apricot jam and brandy however I always seive the mix once heated to ensure it is very smooth.

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