Baking powder ! baking soda

badz(or)madz, Nov 21, 5:27am
does it relly make a diff if you use powder and not soda !

r-mvz, Nov 21, 5:52am

Hope this site helps you with your question.

kinna54, Nov 21, 5:55am
baking powder is better madz, but depends what you're making. some recipes need both.(loaves, muffins etc). it affects the rising of the end product
What are you making! Might give me more idea to help you.

245sam, Nov 21, 6:34am
badz(or)madz, if you have a problem re using baking soda in your baking here's a couple of hints that you may find useful so that there is no unpleasant baking soda in the finished product.

Be sure to use level measuring spoon measurements of baking soda unless the recipe states otherwise.

Sieve or otherwise ensure that there are no lumps in the baking soda when it is added to the other ingredients - sometimes the mixing and baking can leave any baking soda lumps whole.

Hope that helps.:-))

badz(or)madz, Nov 21, 7:00am
kinna i was thinking ofcoca cola chocolate cake

thanks all for help :-)

kinna54, Nov 21, 7:24am
sounds yum madz. 245 sam's hints are good, as is the link posted. Go for it! should prob use some of both. good luck!

badz(or)madz, Nov 21, 8:04am
thanks i text someone see if she wants to be my tester if she says yes ill make it lol

seniorbones, Nov 21, 8:14am
the soda is more for the colour the powder is more for the rising.

deus701, Nov 21, 8:24am
the soda enhances colour of cocoa powder and activated by liquids. Baking powder is activated by heat. To minimise the b.soda's taste, you will notice recipes calling for the use of acids to balance it out eg yoghurt, honey, buttermilk, cream fraiche, etc.

badz(or)madz, Nov 21, 8:26am
cream fraiche whats that pls

245sam, Nov 21, 9:10am
badz(or)madz, creme fraiche is a cultured cream product which can be found in the supermarket chillers alongside other products such as cream cheese, sour cream, etc.Here's some info' from at:-

"Crème Fraiche
The delicate tang of Tararua Creme Fraiche adds subtle flavour to all sorts of sweet and savoury dishes. It's perfect for cooking because it doesn't separate when it's heated.":-))

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