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elliehen, Oct 5, 11:51pm
Could you please post your recipe!Sounds interesting.

stoats, Oct 6, 8:05am
Quick Flakey Pastry – (For one thinly rolled double crust) 20 - 23 cm pie
1 ¼ cups flour1 tsp baking powder 125g (4ozs) cold butter
About ½ cup milk1 tsp wine vinegar
Rub cut butter into flour & BP (pieces of butter should be visible when pastry is rolled out).
Mix milk & vinegar to the flour mix until it is just moist enough to form a fairly stiff dough.
Divide into 2 then roll out thinly.

Bacon & Egg Pie .(Quick flaky pastry)
4 – 6 rashers lightly cooked bacon (chopped)
About 1 cup cooked peas
1 – 2 chopped small spuds or Kumara.(I don't always put this in)
6 large eggs
1 finely chopped onion (optional)
Variation: I put in about 6 cooked chipolata sausages cut into rings & cut down on the bacon, this is yummy.
Roll out pastry into 2 rounds each 30 cm across
Ease one lot into a 23cm pie plate
Spread ½ the chopped bacon, peas, spuds & onion (optional) into it
Put eggs into a bowl & beat with a fork until the yokes are broken & eggs look streaky
Pour about ½ the egg over the mixture in the crust then add the remaining bacon etc & dribble the rest of the egg over the top
Moisten the edges of the pastry in the plate then put the other pastry on top
Trim the edges if necessary & crimp the edges if you like
Make a few cuts in the middle & decorate with the pastry trimmings & brush top with milk
Bake @ 200dg C for about 40 mins
As I said, because I have a concealed element in my oven I cook the pie in a glass pie dish (the bottom brown beautifully), on the bottom rung for approx 20 - 30 mins then clasic bake for 10 mins. The pastry should be nice & crisp.

stoats, Oct 6, 8:07am
Sorry I should have put commers between the ingredients, however I hope you enjoy this recipe as my whole family do.

timturtle, Oct 7, 12:01am
Do you have the recipe for these ! I seen the program but can't remember what she used in the egg mix. TIA

matuq, Oct 7, 1:00am
I 'inherited' a mesh pie dish . so pastry is always cooked on the bottom.Wouldn't be without it.

rainrain1, Oct 7, 1:26am
No I don't have it, in fact I wasn't taking too much notice either. I'm sure she beat the eggs, and I guess you could add whatever took your fancy, parsley, cooked potato, mushroom, cheese salt and pepper etc.Or just plain egg

elliehen, Oct 7, 2:23am

samsnan, Oct 7, 2:35am
matuq I have one of those mesh pie dishes and yes I wouldnt be without mine either. If anyone knows where I can get another please tell me. I dont remember where I got the first one.

timturtle, Oct 7, 8:07am
Found this one which looks similar.



rainrain1, Oct 7, 8:55am
That looks exactly like the ones I saw.Actually.it might have been Donna Hay that I saw make them not Nigella, I think I'm losing my marbles

mwood, Oct 7, 9:35am
Want to add an ups for Pams puff pastry sheets - 6 sheets not 5 (as in Edmonds) I was surprised at the lighter result *duh* - *thinks* 6 sheets instead of 5 for the same gross weight LOL

timturtle, Oct 7, 9:34pm
No you aren't losing your marbles, it was Nigella but when i did a search for Nigellas recipe nothing come up, but this one did and it said it was inspired by Nigellas one.

rainrain1, Oct 7, 10:34pm
I made 3 this morning as I needed to use up a bit of crème fraîche, I only ate one though!Very nice and so easy.Great quote on your profile timturtle, I like being Mrs Nosy Parker to see where people come from.thanks for the recipe

timturtle, Oct 7, 10:58pm
Ive go two in the oven, and they are looking good !

nzmu, Oct 8, 1:55am
Interesting. not one person mentioned - prick the base before laying down other ingredients. That's my 'secret'. Maybe it's just an old-fashioned pie prep step, but I always get a nicely cooked base on any pie.

tich50, Oct 8, 10:04am

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