Can i freeze a layered cake with whipped cream ?

faybian, Jul 5, 2:05am
Just make a yummy chocolate cake for mums birthday..but shes gone away till Sunday, it has whipped cream in the middle, Can i freeze it?

lx4000, Jul 5, 2:08am
can you take the cream off and freeze the cake?

harrislucinda, Jul 5, 2:09am
creamdoesnotusuallyfreezewellwhen thawingcreamcangoslopy

carl-van-essen, Jul 5, 2:17am
According to this you can.

deus701, Jul 5, 2:28am
Yes you can, but i would say 3 days max or deterioration of eating quality is really noticeable.

Or make her a new cake, we only have one mom and im sure she's worth it.

kinna54, Jul 5, 3:22am
you can but I would beware the cream seperating. When you see frozen desserts in the supermarkets they often havea "stabiliser" added to the cream, which gives it a "holding" capacity and keeps it firm. Perhaps can you either take the cream off to freeze, or seperate the layers and freeze each layer seperately, so when thawed you could take the cream off and re-cream to serve?

buzzy110, Jul 5, 3:39am
I freeze leftover creamed cakes all the time and they are just fine when defrosted. I'd add one little 'but' here though. Whipped cream freezes and defrosts just fine but it looks different and has a slightly different texture but still tastes the same. I'd freeze it and whip up a bit more cream to serve when ready to eat.

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