Zany Zeus Organic Milk & Cream

davidt4, Jan 3, 5:23am
I read somewhere the other day that Zany Zeus is now selling organic milk and cream.Has anyone spotted it in Auckland?

cookessentials, Jan 3, 6:23am
Hi Helen, I buy the organic milk here in Masterton. They have a website, so you might be able to email them and ask for suppliers in your area. The milk is really nice and I use their various cheeses too.
Thank you for visiting our website. Currently we are in the process
of updating our website and we will be launching it soon.

If you have any enquiries please email
or call us on 04-939 0123.

cloudberry, Jan 3, 7:53am
I wish they would get their website up and running, they have been "in the process of updating" it for ages! Frustrating. Too busy making delicious products, I hope.

nfh1, Jan 3, 8:20am
Their Haloumi cheese is fantastic.

davidt4, Jan 3, 8:54am
I agree.It's by far the best haloumi I've had in NZ.Their feta is lovely too, also their ricotta.

cookessentials, Jan 3, 8:56am
Agree and the milk is also

vintagekitty, Jan 3, 9:11am
isnt it, have you tried the chilli and lime Haloumi?

nfh1, Jan 3, 9:12am
Yes the feta is delicious too.

Never had ricotta - do you just cook with it?

nfh1, Jan 3, 9:13am
No - have not seen that - sounds fantastic.I wonder if I can get that locally?I will have a look next time I go shopping.

seniorbones, Jan 3, 9:13am
Where is it sold? maybe I should google them but they used to sell it where they made it in Moera and I called by one day and it wasnt open. just a guy looked like he was doing the accounting and ignore me trying to open the door, lol!! But have had their haloumi at ruth pretty and it was beautiful.

lisapaul, Apr 28, 11:34am
We ate at "MARVEL" in Takapuna, Auckland tonight. They have a ZANY ZEUS HALLOUMI & Mushroom dish. It is ABSOLUTELY wonderful (as were their other dishes btw). C'mon ZANY ZEUS - get your website happening - you're missing out on business (such as ours)!

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