Brown meringues...?? help please

michelle145, Mar 10, 1:03am
Does this mean the sugar isnt beaten in enough? I didnt have castor sugar so had to use plain. But they are brown, and really chewey. .

hotandcold13, Mar 10, 4:24am
Maybe your oven was to hot.

bullock123, Mar 10, 4:25am
I found a really nice reciepe for meringues, after several diffrent attemps :-)

115g caster sugar
115gicing sugar
4 egg whites.
Beat the whites untill stiff, add caster sugar graduallly while still beating. Then fold in icing sugar. Put teaspoons full on tray lined with baking paper or pipe meringue shapes on tray.
Bake 160 oc for 1 1/2 hours leave to cool in oven.
makes approx 30 I usally half the reciepe.
These are nice not chewy at all, similar to Ernest adams ones

michelle145, Mar 10, 4:38am
Im sure my oven has a dud thermostat. It always seems to hot. I made pink ones, they ended up a dull browny ugly colour. Not very pretty at all

maandpa2b, Mar 10, 5:15am
The normal sized sugar granules weren't dissolved enough. You need to beat for a REALLY long time to get them to in the egg (or even just let it sit together for a few mins then continue beating). You are def best to use caster sugar if you can.

michelle145, Mar 10, 5:27am
Ok, ill try again tomorrow, thanks :)

michelle145, Mar 10, 5:32am
so they should stay the same shade of pink as they were when i put them into the oven?

maandpa2b, Mar 10, 7:13am
ummmm, not sure - I've never tried to colour mine. Just keep the temp in your oven as low as you can 120 deg and fingers crossed

bullock123, Mar 10, 8:02am
Opps sorry michelle145 my oven temp is 110oc not 160oc. Honestly try these perfect :-)

daleaway, Mar 10, 11:17pm
Mine go brown when I have the oven too high.
Try a lower temperature and longer cooking times.
You don't really have to "cook" meringues - you are just drying them out.

mumzee1, Oct 29, 7:56am
Here's a tip, if you don't have caster sugar, put the ordinary sugar into a blender and pulse until it's a finer texture

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