Laundry Powder Recipe

nfh1, Mar 9, 9:20am
I keep getting reactions to the store bought laundry powder and thought I would make some myself and see what happens. Does anyone have a recipe they would recommend please? Many thanks

winnie15, Mar 9, 9:32am
in here there will be one asp
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also here php

nfh1, Mar 9, 9:39am
thanks winnie - I did start to look in the Budgets thread, but there are over 1200 posts and I just wondered if someone could recommend something!

I will have a go at the one on the greengoddess site and see what happens.

Thanks again.

barloo, Mar 9, 9:53am

open page, press "ctrl and "f" at the same time and a little window will open then type in the word and hit the "enter" button:)

nfh1, Mar 9, 10:01am
thank you soooooooooo much - how easy is that?

nfh1, Mar 9, 10:04am
LOL - I started at the end when I looked originally and have just found it on the first page! ! !

barloo, Mar 9, 10:06am
thanks to some other great Tmer's, I share this great bit of info where I can! !

The other great one is, for enlarging the page . . . . Hold down the "ctrl" and roll the middle wheel on your mouse up or down. Makes it bigger or smaller! Great for those tm photos!

barloo, Mar 9, 10:07am
pmsl ! !

davejillmc, Mar 9, 10:28am
I buy the cakes of sunlight soap and grate a little into the machine centre (hole), and add a little of Greenwoods washing soda. Make sure you put through a warm wash once a week just to make sure of no build ups, but I do cold washes with this. No irritations, and nice smell too!

emseacows, Mar 9, 6:58pm
soapnuts - all natural and cheap too. .
we use that and nothing else now, my daughter has bad excema and this stuff literally stopped it in its tracks
google it for a NZ distributor, or thereare some health shops that sell it. not round my ways tho - too rural.

nfh1, Oct 15, 8:42pm
thanks very much for your help.

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