Rice patties...anyone

nutwrencher, Feb 24, 10:18pm
Hi all..
Has anyone got any nice recipes for rice patties..
Pretty please :)

darlingmole, Feb 25, 12:18am
bumped a thread for you

ant_sonja, Feb 25, 12:23am
do you mean something like a fried rice cake? You could add any kind of shredded veggies to some cooked rice, season well with Salt & pepper and your favorite herbs. Bind with an egg or more (depending on the amount of rice you have) and shape into cakes, kind of like making rissoles. Fry in hot oil on both sides until golden brown.

nutwrencher, Feb 27, 10:20am
Just wasnt to sure thats all... :)

calista, Feb 28, 5:21am
I had a recipe that said rice cooked the day before was better, but I'm not sure why (it had tinned salmon as the flavouring).

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